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Raw, real, emotionally liberating—I take you down my own recovery from “soul-surgery,” and expose my healing journey to Becoming Bulletproof. During this episode, I strip away layers of ingrained walls, sharing how vulnerability is the primary tool to living life on the front line. It all starts right where our learned habits are rooted—childhood. I share my own story, mistakes, addictions, and traumas to empower, heal, and help others find emotional freedom from their inherited burdens.

Ingrained behaviors:

Growing up in Chicago in an Irish household, I dig into my generational distress; abuse, my father’s alcoholism, mother’s codependency, and most of all, my resulting coping methods. I share how my life plunged into a downward spiral as soon as I turned ten years old, and how I actively searched for something to believe in, knowing it all had to mean something more.

It wasn’t until nearly three decades later, after an unexpected tragedy, that everything came crashing down. I was left alone with a career I resented, a relationship that was awful for me, but most of all, two kids that I would do anything for. 

Dedicated to change:

I knew if I didn’t repair the way I had done things, I was going to repeat history with my kids. I needed help. Committed to change, I devoted myself to doing different, knowing that I had to listen, to study, to integrate, to walk boldly in faith if I wanted something more. I was terrified.  

During rehab, I was introduced to a personality test called The Enneagram that would forever change my life and the way I communicated with myself and others. Uncovering my pain from my past and learning to become vulnerable allowed me to discover what my ten-year-old self understood long ago: that my journey would be used for something more.

More than success:

Today, I am a multi-million dollar entrepreneur, speaker, Master Performance and Business Coach, and author. As an expert Enneagram Coach, I use this tool to accelerate transformation, and build powerful, effective and compassionate leaders who create lasting change. Using my own experience and road to emotional liberation, I deliver “Soul-Surgery,” a no-nonsense approach to demolish generational patterns ingrained  learned habits, shame, and guilt, helping thousands of people get “unstuck” and live their most prosperous lives. 

My success grew from being radically honest with myself first and then the world. My hope for this podcast is to unearth guest’s journeys, empower others from shared experience, and uncover how to seek change to not just succeed, but to excel in all parts of life and be fulfilled by it all.

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Quick Access to Quotes:

  • At 10 years old I began questioning what life was about. 6:50
  • I realized at some point all of this was going to matter for something. 12:30
  • I knew if I didn’t repair this it was going to be repeated 22:00
  • I only take advice from people I’d be willing to trade places with 26:30
  • You gotta be careful what you pray for because almost always it shows up in a package you don’t expect. 28:50
  • When you want something different, you have to do something different 29:00
  • It’s one thing to know it but it’s another thing to take that and walk with blind faith. 30:15
  • I built that network marketing business in two years to a million dollar income 30:20
  • I wasn’t the poster child of what a successful network marketer looked like 34:40
  • I was able to bring out the best in people through the enneagram 35:30
  • I made it my goal 7 years ago that I was going to strive to be the healthiest version of who God designed me to be 33:25
  • With my willingness to do the work meant I could become bulletproof 37:55
  • When you become bulletproof you are able to make the impact that you desire 38:30
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