Howard Stern and what I hate about podcasts, interviews, and talk shows

In this week’s episode, I divulge what I hate about most interviews and talk shows, and what held me back for so long from doing a podcast. I break down the story of one of my biggest inspirations, and how his controversial interview techniques brought something to the table that other hosts lacked. Listen to this week’s episode for a personal look into the background of Howard Stern, an American radio and television personality, producer, author, actor, and photographer, and discover how his influence will help shape the Becoming Bulletproof podcast. 

Who is the Shock Jock?

Howard Stern came into my life at the end of high school. Like most people, his “shock jock’ interview style alarmed and captivated me—I was fascinated by his approach, and for better or for worse, I was hooked.

His interviews were gripping; you always knew that you were going to get real and raw answers, questions that had never been asked before, questions everyone wanted to know the answer to, but were too afraid to ask. 

Although I shed light on repercussions that forever impacted his career, his contentious probing opened the door for real genuine conversation, pushing boundaries to deliver the heart and soul of the person he was interviewing.

Setting the Stage for Becoming Bulletproof

I share Howard’s story in relation to mine and dig deep into his transition from controversy to compassion: His evolution from being driven by ratings, to how therapy, his work on himself, and acknowledgment of past mistakes, drove a transformative change in his life and how he interviews today. 

I discuss how I will bring his ability to foster genuine conversation and vulnerability into every interview I do, to expose real life as it is, and not how it is filtered to appear. My goal is to tear down those walls so we can Become Bulletproof together. And my promise is to do the work, as Howard does—to research, engage, and conduct the best interview of every guest so that each person can be understood, seen, and heard. 

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Quick Access to Quotes:

  • People just want to be seen, heard, and understood. 6:10
  • There is an art to interviewing, nothing is casual. 16:40
  • I’ve had the most challenging year of my life in 2019 17:43
  • I know that every challenging thing in my life is an opportunity for growth 18:00
  • I am a lot like Howard in that perfectionism prism 29:45
  • My goal is for you to not want to get out of your car or stop exercising because the interview is so good. 35:00
  • There is nothing that brings me more joy than watching people do what they were called to do. 35:50
  • Nothing good can come from being comfortable 43:15
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