Project ME with Tiffany Carter

“You have to get really f*cking uncomfortable if you want to make change that is sustainable for the long haul.”

On this week’s episode, my guest is a dear friend, someone very special to me, and her journey to recovery is one close to my heart—her name is Tiffany Carter. In this episode, Tiffany bares all, opening up about her traumatic upbringing, it’s impact, her own road of self-destruction, and the change that brought success, despite all odds.  This is Tiffany’s transformative story; the value of self-worth, and her relentless pursuit to show up daily, even when she doesn’t f*cking feel like it.

Surviving, not living

Tiffany describes her life before recovery as a train wreck—something so awful that you want to look away but can’t. At 6 years old she became so aware of her mother’s narcissism that her coping method was born out of a need to survive, to escape the depth of her mother’s behavior, and then years of sexual abuse. 

We discuss Tiffany’s personality type based on the Enneagram and how it plays into her learned methods of survival as a young adult, how these methods helped her make her first million, and how three months later, she lost it all. Life became soul-sucking, and she knew nothing else.  

Time to do the damn thing

Years later, with a mask of wealth, glamour and glory, Tiffany hit rock bottom. She shares the decision that saved her life and her continued determination to show up for herself no matter what. 

It was then that she finally faced something she had been avoiding for so long—she listened to her inner calling and created her personal brand and coaching business- Project Me with Tiffany Carter. Her mission? To help women find their worth, because “low self-worth=low net-worth.”

Creating wealth by discovering your worth

Today, Project ME is a multimillion-dollar company. Tiffany takes the mystery out of making big money by helping women find their worth and financial freedom through education, empowerment, and proven straightforward strategies. She is an entrepreneur, business builder, mentor, empowerment speaker, marketing expert and incredible friend with an amazing ability to connect with women on a deeper level, to really see them: She sees what holds them back and sees through the masks we put up that she spent so many years hiding behind. 

To have a Tiffany Carter in your corner is to have someone recognize your gifts, your vision, someone who can uncover the best parts of you, and has your best interests at heart.

Learn more about Project ME with Tiffany Carter here!

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Quick Access to Quotes:

  • It doesn’t matter how much money is the bank or how successful you’ve been. When you do something new it’s fucking scary. 4:00 
  • At age 10, I realized something was not normal about my household. 13:00
  • As a child, we create coping mechanisms to help us survive and make it through another fucking day. 14:15
  • At the age of 6, you learned the art of manipulation to feel safe. 17:00
  • That’s the sneaky thing about addiction. We’re so self-absorbed to think we are the only ones who can feel this way. 22:30
  • For the first time, I realized it’s not just me. There’s a program around it and an actual fucking book. 25:10
  • I never celebrated myself because there was always another level to hit. 26:35
  • Your thinking and upbringing got you to this rock-bottom place, so you probably shouldn’t use that same thinking and decision making. It’s not going to get you out of it so I put 100% trust in that program and followed it to a T to where I put that as a priority. My income went way. I was making 10% of what I was making before so that I could focus 100% on recovery. 29:50
  • You have to get really fucking uncomfortable if you want to make change that is sustainable for the long haul. 30:58
  • Anything you put in front of your recovery you are going to lose. 36:40
  • I do believe we are being divinely guided and I’ve learned to trust that guidance. 39:08
  • If you don’t put yourself first, nothing else matters. 40:20
  • The signs got so strong that it was undeniable that i needed to do the damn thing. 42:25
  • All the things I thought that disqualified me were actually the things that qualified me to do the healing around it. 43:20
  • Every part of our story matters for something. 44:00
  • This is me beautifully wonderfully made, a hot mess some days but everything we’ve been through is what qualifies us to help you. 46:15
  • I don’t always feel good but I show up anyways. I show up for my greater vision for all of you because maybe someone needs to hear what I have to say. 47:35
  • I’m not shitting rainbows every day. 47:50
  • It ain’t all Bali and butterflies people 48:00
  • It wasn’t until I had people in my corner that I truly flourished. 50:30
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