The Ennea-what?  

Using the Enneagram to create explosive growth in your life and business. 

 In this episode, I introduce you to a weekly series that will focus on the Enneagram and how it can become your sharpest tool in the road to Becoming Bulletproof. It is the one tool that forever changed my family, business, communication style, and life. I walk you through the moment I was introduced to it, why I decided to take it and study it, and how it changed everything. 

So, what exactly is the Enneagram? 

The Enneagram is more than just a personality or behavior test, it is a beautiful diagram that connects all of us, digs deeper to reveal your core beliefs, core motivations, and core fears. I walk through the nine overall types, which are split into three triads—the head, heart, and body—and explain what each personality type looks like in their most healthy and unhealthy forms.

I illustrate how every single human is born with a temperament and disposition, how our distinct characteristics evolve or are hindered by our environment. As we encounter unhealthy situations, we instinctively develop coping mechanisms to deal with them. This can be the roadmap to understanding your true core, navigating through those struggles, how to pivot back on path, and gives you a universal understanding of your purpose and passion.

The Power of the Enneagram 

If you have listened to other episodes, you have heard me talk about the Enneagram many times. I describe how it was introduced to me and how it became the turning point that changed everything. I reveal how I was able to identify the types of my children and not only see that my communication style at times was not serving them, but how it helped me understand their motivations, how to guide them, harness their spirits, and help them grow. 

I talk about how quickly the needle moved within my family, and how I then applied it to my business, where I was able to not just have my own success, but was also able to rapidly empower every person in front of me with their OWN divine gifts and bring out the very best them, all while they felt immense fulfillment. 

EnneaTalk Tuesday

If you would like to learn more about your personality type and how to leverage The Enneagram to accelerate transformation in your life, listen in every Tuesday as I dig deeper into its meaning and uses. 

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Quick Access to Quotes:

  • What I love about the Enneagram is that it doesn’t just focus on behaviors, it focuses on core motivation, core fears, core desires, core beliefs. 4:37
  • Why I’m so passionate about talking about it I want it to be used responsibly, used for your greatest good, and the greatest good for all. 6:14
  • As a world we are suffering from a crisis of meaning…we can have success but there is a lack of meaning and fulfillment. 6:37
  • To really effectively lead other people you must first truly know yourself 8:15
  • I developed new GPS coordinates within our family and you would be shocked to see how fast things started to shift in our home. 9:53
  • If you have the right GPS coordinates you can trust it will lead you in the right direction 10:46
  • Map that connects all of us together as humans 12:10
  • Nine basic personality types and these types fall into three different triads–the head, the heart, and the body. 12:20
  • I knew God was teaching me something by giving me a firstborn as an Enthusiast. 33:57
  • Avoid feeling pain and fear but in order to feel all the emotions like joy and contentment we have to have contrast  36:35
  • When you have the right type and right coordinates for you, and you get off track a little bit you can pivot a lot faster to get back on track 42:53
  • The more information you have about yourself first and what your blind spots will have a beautiful understanding of why things are the way they are 43:50
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