Finding the balance in all of life’s buckets 

With entrepreneur coach, mastermind, and podcast host, Rob Murgatroyd

If you know me, then you know I believe a lot of how we operate comes from the first ten years of our life. In this episode, we examine the early defining years of my guest and how this shaped his future. This week’s guest is a very good friend, someone whom I feel very lucky to know—Rob Murgatroyd. 

We dig into how Rob’s dysfunctional family and his upbringing in Queens on the “wrong sides of the tracks” motivated him to find his way out—and in— to the “other side.” We discuss the fuel behind his personal development and success, his podcast “Work Hard, Play Hard,” and how Rob’s own experiences shaped his ability to help people improve all aspects (and buckets) of their own lives.

The Defining Years

Rob’s childhood was less than idyllic—his parents struggled financially, and his father was abusive—resulting in his dedication to self-improvement as a means to escape. We discuss his dreams of being a part of the more affluent groups who lived just out of arms reach, and what the perfect childhood and family looked like to him. 

Everything Rob envisioned for his future, what he hoped and aspired to be, was wrapped up in a fantasy of elite schools, and of Harvard. He shares what Harvard represented to him and how it was everything he never had.

The Defining Decision

Rob’s need to escape paid off—we dig into his incredibly successful 25-year career as a chiropractor, and how he poured all his time and soul into turning his fantasy into reality. He talks about his neglect for other parts of his life and how decades focusing on only one ‘bucket’ led to the demise of all others. He realized there was something more than the life he had built, and reveals the pivotal moment that made him walk away from it all. 

“Work Hard, Play Hard” 

Today, Rob is more successful than he has ever been, having found a new definition of success. His mastering of “counter-balance between the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment” led to the birth of his podcast “Work Hard, Play Hard.” 

Rob helps entrepreneurs and individuals define their goals, find the right balance of relationships, health, work, and play, and grow the aspects of their lives that have been ignored. By introducing structured play as routine, he has helped clients not only evolve their businesses, but find the connection and fulfillment they’ve always sought—and didn’t know how to find.

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Quick Access to Quotes:

  • I wanted nothing more than to be in that world. 12:05
  • Harvard represented everything I didn’t have. 15:30
  • It doesn’t change this kid wiring of what I wanted 18:40
  • My journey started when I asked myself how the fuck do I make this normal and not raise kids in that type of way 21:00
  • It’s about finding the sweet spot in the pendulum 22:00
  • I don’t think you are ever gonna find complete balance… The point is to not ignore the areas of your life that aren’t working 22:25

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