How you can use the Enneagram to leverage and build wealth

Are you trying to build a wall of wealth and security around your family and struggling to move the needle effectively?

In this week’s episode, I dive deep into how the Enneagram can be used as the sharpest tool in your box to build profit, passion, and wealth. I discuss how using the Enneagram allowed me to understand people, their language, fears, motivations, and purpose, and how this enabled me to empower and connect with them.

Listen to this week’s episode to see how the Enneagram can play to your own strengths, leverage other people’s, build your business, impact your company, and drive profit to leave behind the legacy you have always dreamed of.

How the Enneagram changed my life

The Enneagram came into my life when I was at my lowest, right after an unexpected loss made me realize how precious and unreliable our most important resource is–time. I had just severed ties with my entire network, friends, community, and was fresh out of rehab trying to overhaul my life and business—I knew that something needed to change.

I walk through how discovering the Enneagram’s superpowers enabled me to speak the same language as my family and my new network, and how this completely transformed relationships and my business—turning it into a multimillion organization within 26 months.

How the Enneagram can work for you

I outline how the Enneagram allows you to work smarter, not harder, and I talk about how, when used correctly and with integrity, it can bring out the best in everyone. The key to being a good leader is not only knowing yourself, but being able to bring out strengths in those around you—to see, understand and hear them. When improving profit margin, knowing how to incentivize and motivate people will drive productivity and grow profit.

In a world where everything around us is a transaction—whether emotional or physical—it’s crucial to effectively and efficiently communicate, cut down time cost, and increase how quickly you move the needle. Stop wasting time, start making money, and learn how applying the Enneagram can increase profit and fulfillment in your life, business, and relationships, so you can Become Bulletproof.

Learn more about working together & introducing the tool of The Enneagram into your life! Let’s work together.

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Quick Access To Quotes:

  • It isn’t something you use to manipulate anybody. 1:30
  • It brings out the best in everyone around you. 1:40
  • When you speak to someone’s language they are more likely to work with you. 1:55
  • If you want to be effective in sales, leading, coaching, building businesses, or being the best person you want to be, we must first understand ourselves. 6:17
  • [The Enneagram gave me] Super low attachment but super high involvement in how to use this growth map to move my life forward. 7:20
  • The human connection is so watered down with social media. 8:00
  • It’s important to understand this tool if we want to work smarter, not harder. 9:20
  • Everything is a transaction when it comes to business in some way. 10:15
  • We all just want to be seen, heard, and understood 11:00
  • You must learn to understand yourself first. 12:40
  • Even though I could move the needle, most people didn’t feel connected to me and at the end of the day, everyone craves connection 14:20
  • I wouldn’t take advice from someone I don’t want to switch places with. 17:15
  • If you are leading people it is your responsibility to help empower them to be who they are and not who you are. 20:20
  • The world revolves around sales 22:43
  • Profit margin is really important and when you are trying to to get people productive and passionate about the mission its important—and when you can speak to their strengths and incentivize them in a way that works for them, you will move the needle so much faster, you will have team unity, you will have a morale and community and culture in your organization that is un-fucking-stoppable. 25:20
  • The difference between torque and horsepower is that horsepower might get you somewhere quicker…but you will burn out. Torque is the capacity to do the work…28:33
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