How self-care can foster self-confidence

In this week’s episode, we travel down the road of Alison Lumbatis’ past; how her unhealthy upbringing hindered her personality and growth, causing her to seek something from people they weren’t able to provide—her identity. We uncover the unexpected event that lead to the most terrifying year of her life, and how she transitioned from being an engineer to succumb to her true calling—helping and serving women to be the most confident, successful versions of themselves.

Listen to this episode to see how she helps women articulate their sense of style, gain confidence, save money, and ultimately show up for themselves every single day.

“Others focused, not self-focused”

Alison’s childhood was very similar to my own, her father was an alcoholic and family life was unhealthy, unstable, and uncertain. While most kids were growing into themselves, she was growing into whomever everyone wanted her to be. At 15 years old, she remembers having a gut feeling that she was meant to be doing something more, something to help women—but the timing wasn’t right.

Finding hope in the mess

Alison takes us through the turning point in her life—the deepest pain and catalyst for seeking help to save her marriage and relationships that mattered most. We discuss how therapy and the Enneagram shifted her family life and helped them better understand each other.

She talks about how working and blogging from home in her leggings—sans workout and yoga—spiraled her into a dark unmotivated rut, and how deciding to show up for herself by getting dressed every morning changed everything. Her commitment to work on herself opened up doors for opportunity, and she reveals how an unexpected loss led to the birth of multi-million-dollar businesses.

Customer-centered and feedback focused

Today, Alison is a mom of three, recovering yoga pants-addict, and the creator of the style blog Get Your Pretty On. She leads a passion project that helps orphaned young women in Haiti build successful businesses, providing knowledge and resources to lead sustainable futures.

She is also the creator of Style Challenges, a first of its kind online personal styling program that’s like meal planning for your closet. Since its start, she’s helped over 35,000 women build capsule wardrobes and discover confidence through easy style. To learn more about Alison visit here!

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Quick Access To Quotes:

  • I really felt seen for the first time ever 5:20 – Alison
  • It was validation and the key to unlocking other things in my life 5:50 – Alison
  • It’s a roadmap to put the pieces together 6:35 – Tracy
  • I didn’t really begin to identify who I was until my mid 20’s and into my early 30’s – Alison 8:00
  • Holy crap I can’t outrun what I grew up in – 8:30 – Tracy
  • If I don’t repair this, I am going to repeat this 9:00 – Tracy
  • I had the power to change the patterns 9:55 – Alison
  • You have to be willing to tear off the scab and clean off the wound – 12:20 – Alison
  • Once you have hope you can honestly change any situation 12:45– Alison
  • When I was 15 felt called that my life was supposed to be about helping women 15:10 – Alison
  • As a mom sometimes we have to see that things are affecting our families in order for it to really become an issue for us & from that day forward I decided to start blogging – 19:55 – Alison
  • I don’t want to charge more, I want to have more women that have this gift and make an impact in that way than having a high dollar product. – 32:00 – Alison
  • By the grace of God and the enneagram it gave us the road map to better understand and give compassion towards each other 43:40 – Tracy
  • Our mess is our message 45:00 – Alison
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