Implant Illness and the importance of being your own advocate

This week’s guest is someone incredibly important, her spirit and soul will warm your heart and her story will open your eyes to something you may never have heard of—her name is Talia Maddock.

In this week’s episode, we get real about a subject many people have judged or tried to quiet us about—our boobs. We go deep into the topic of implant illness,  health issues both of us faced, the incredulous doctors who for years could not tell what was wrong, the nagging intuition that told us we were right, and in the end, the near-death trauma and health implications that made us realize the truth.

Coping with perfectionism

We open this episode talking about both Talia and my health crises—how we were both at rock bottom, our health deteriorating with no explanation, planning our own funerals praying we could figure out what was happening to our bodies. We talk about the coping method of perfectionism and how this was rooted in Talia’s home life at a young age, dealing with alcoholism and addiction with the ones she loved.

This perfectionism fueled her to overanalyze her appearance, eventually leading her to get implants. Within three months of getting implants, Talia knew something was wrong.

Being her own advocate

She talks about her warped new reality, hooked up to machines, struggling to breathe, begging doctors to find out what was wrong. For ten years people thought she was crazy, her family worried, and she ignored her gut feeling—until a friend mentioned implant illness, forever changing her life.

When you are faced with your own mortality, your insecurities and vanity go out the window. We talk about the impact of our explants, aftershock, and the emotional trauma and healing it took to recover.

Use your voice

It’s crucial to use your voice, to share what you went through, to reach others who are experiencing the same pain, so they know they are not alone. Use your voice. It could save a life.

Talia Maddock

Today, Talia is a mother, wife, multi-million-dollar business owner, interior designer, and host of the Let’s Talk  LIVE broadcast. She uses the show as a platform for women to come together, to share their stories, to talk about experiences with no judgment or criticism. Talia is an advocate for women’s health and has made it her mission to have people share their stories to help others find answers and help them heal. Learn more about Talia here!

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Quick Access To Quotes:

  • Everyone one of the lows mean something – 8:30 – Talia
  • If you are brave enough to talk about them, it’s what helps people through it 8:35 – Talia
  • 10 years of hell in that moment all came crystal clear and I knew exactly what was trying to kill me 11:25 – Talia
  • I really had to guard my own energy so i could heal. – Tracy 14
  • It was a lot of prayer and a lot of scary moments 15:25 – Talia
  • I would grit my teeth and yell to the devil, you are not gonna win. 17:25 – Talia
  • I don’t know how to explain how I got through it other than one foot in front of the other – 18:10
  • My eating disorder started at 5 years old 18:35 – Tracy
  • We get so in the grind and put blinders on that we use this powering through and we shut down on our own emotional health. 20:40 – Tracy
  • He wanted me to be still and be quiet for a good year. 22:20 – Talia
  • Becoming bulletproof for me didn’t mean I was a tough bad ass bitch, it was becoming vulnerable. 54:48 – Talia
  • 2020 is going to be whatever God intended it to be. 25:35 – Talia
  • It was through other people’s stories that I realized I wasn’t alone in this this 54 – Tracy
  • We are all humans and we’re all connected by brokenness – 49:35 – Talia
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