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I’m constantly asked about one thing in particular when it comes to business: sales and marketing.

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I’ve come to realize I’m pretty good at this whole sales & marketing thing.

And that’s because I’m genuine. But I had to reframe what I thought about sales and marketing before I could get there. I used to sell cars, and car salesmen get a really shitty wrap. The same goes for network marketers.

Here’s the thing: Sales & marketing is all about solving problems for people.

I will only share what I believe in 100%. I won’t share something if I don’t believe I can help you solve a problem in your life. I’m good because I’m no bullshit.

Real stuff, no fluff.

I know a lot of you struggle with sales and marketing. But here’s the thing: If you believe in your heart that what you’re selling can solve problems for people, then you’re obligated to share it. And how you share it matters.

Thankfully, you can leverage the Enneagram to talk to all of the 9 Enneagram types within your ideal client base.



Sometimes we are just selling our story to inspire people. Even if it’s just for impact, it’s still selling. 


I don’t talk about anything I don’t believe in 100 percent. 


Each Enneagram type is motivated by a very specific thing.


If you don’t speak my language, I’m probably not gonna pay attention and I might not find you credible. 


For a 2, they wanna know that they’re going to have significance in what they do for other people. 


There’s this fine line of knowing that, your messaging and the problem you solve need to touch on truth, protection, justice, significance and certainty— this will allow you to touch the full range of your ideal customer or client.


You want your ideal client to think of you as not only the person that can solve their problem but the person that speaks their language. 


Information doesn’t equal transformation.


The Enneagram is way more than a labeling system, it is a beautiful tool that can transform your life. 


Solving problems is everything when it comes to sales and marketing. 

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