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This beautiful woman and I did some work together in October.

Which means you’re getting the 6 month transformation—including the aha moments and holy shits—from my client who is a canon that shoots joy.

When you’re around her, you feel her joy because it’s so genuine.

She’s an Enneagram Type 3 but was in that 65-70% category of being mistyped—and grossly mistyped. She was told she was a 7. But through our sessions, we were able to narrow down why she’s a 3, even though she may look 7 like sometimes.

If you’ve been through tough times, you can overcome them. 

And my client Sheira is a beautiful example of the rise that can come from a wreckage that blindsides you.

This is especially hard for 3s, because their worth is very tied up in what other people think of them. But hitting rock bottom is oftentimes where the most beautiful transformation can happen—if you’re willing to put in the work.



If you’ve been through hard things, I’m here to tell you that you can overcome them!


Although it’s never fun when we’re hitting ground zero and rock bottom, that’s where the most beautiful transformation can happen if you’re open and willing to do the work.


Enneagram 3’s typically have this sentence ‘when I do this, I will feel, be do, xyz’ and you’re constantly moving the finish line.


Anytime I try to be like a 3, I get pissed, I get exhausted. There is a very, very dark and lonely side when you’re an Enneagram 3. 


A lot of times when we are working so hard to keep an image, we’ll talk around things, and I tend to trigger a lot of 3’s because I can see through it.

26:57 Sheira 

I want nothing more in my heart than for women like me to show up for themselves. 


A 3 when they’re pushed beyond measure, they take on some of the unhealthier dark side of the 9.


A 3 just will power through things and sacrifice their body, their relationships, their health, all the things in order to put on the show.


The 3’s are in the feeling center, and their underlying emotion is shame, however, very rarely will you see a 3 in shame because they’re in hiding under the covers.

40:28 Sheira

You have permission to move in the direction that feels good in your soul that’s going to allow other women to experience the transformation that you’ve experienced, and it’s okay that you don’t know exactly what that’s going to look like.


I don’t even want to say we have the opportunity, I think we have the RESPONSIBILITY to show up for ourselves.

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