Many of you want to know: How can you use the Enneagram to grow?

You realize it’s more than just this cool, trendy thing about personality types.

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It’s starting to dawn on you that the Enneagram is an amazing tool that’s so underrated and so powerful.

If you don’t repair it, you repeat it. That’s why we see the same families having the same problems for generations and generations.

The Enneagram has allowed me to not only unpack it, categorize it and understand it…

But also use those things I used to shame myself for to create something beautiful. With the Enneagram, we don’t have to overhaul who we are, rather we are allowed to understand things from a place of love.

When we’re coming from a place of love, things tend to get a lot easier. 

In this episode, we’ll dive into the sweet spots, blind spots, hot spots, and the holy grail of the Enneagram for each triad. You can then use this information to not only help yourself, but to help those around you.

Because if you can’t lead yourself, how are you going to lead others? If you’re not giving yourself love, compassion, and grace, how can you give those things to others?



If you don’t repair it, you’ll repeat it. 


If you can’t lead yourself how are you going to lead others ,whether it’s in your home or in your businesses?


As personality types, each Enneagram type, has a blind spot and these are aspects of ourselves that we can overlook.


It’s amazing when we can look back at this and understand our blind spots from love and compassion and understanding. 


I know that the more that I understand myself and I really see me in my true innocent essence, I get more emotional which is really f*cking uncomfortable for me, but also so damn beautiful.


Humility is the holy grail of the enneagram 2.


The holy grail for the enneagram 4 is equanimity because they really think that there’s something missing in them. 


In a healthy place the 7’s take on that healthy 5 which is that Investigator. 


An 8 in a growth pattern goes to the healthy 2, which is where compassionate and empathy live. 


When a 9 takes actions they run the risk of ruffling some feathers which is the last thing they wanna do.

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