If you’re anything like me, you aren’t one of those people who falls for trends.

You don’t give into the hype.

Listen now

And now, what has gone mainstream? The Enneagram.

I’m seeing new Enneagram Instagram accounts popping up everyday and things all over the internet about the Enneagram.

And who’s one of the people at the center of it? Yours truly.

The reason I’ve put myself at the front of this is because this is more than just a trend. The Enneagram is one of the most incredible tools you can use to grow yourself.

I have worked on myself for the past 21 years.

When I was introduced to the Enneagram almost a decade ago by my therapist, I rebelled. But she told me what I’d been doing hadn’t been working, so why not try out something new? She had a point. 

I took an online typing test but my results were inaccurate. Thankfully, I had a guide.



If I were reading about the Enneagram I would want to be a 3, because they just get shit done. 


Once you have the right information, the beautiful things you can do in your life with this information are immeasurable.


The Enneagram is a very dynamic, growth orientated inventory that pinpoints one’s basic fears and motivations in order to facilitate personal growth. 


For me, all that 3ness in me was really this big titanium wall with a moat around it protecting my most vulnerable parts of me.


You’ll notice that some of your behaviors are just to protect these fears and if you notice a lot of the behaviors that you have fall into a different type. 


The 2’s fear of being unloved or unwanted by others, that’s why they can be over-givers. 


The 9’s fear of loss and separation from others that’s why they’re peacemakers. 


All the strategy that you are trying to get, all the information that you are gathering isn’t equaling the transformation that you desire. 


I’m the worst salesperson ever but I am a hell of problem solver. 


When we know why we do what we do, and when we understand that from the most beautiful parts of who we are, we can look at things very, very differently. 

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