One of the most common questions I get about the Enneagram…

…has to do with how to harness it for team building and leadership.

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In entrepreneurship, the workplace, or in the home, leadership is super important.

The Enneagram is great because it gives you a framework for leadership that doesn’t complicate things too much.

In the workplace, for example, there’s a lot of different types of people with different backgrounds and experiences.

Keeping it all straight can be really challenging.

I’m really passionate about helping teams and organizations.

Introducing the framework of the Enneagram and teaching leaders and management teams how to integrate it into the workplace can help everyone speak the same language.

That’s because everyone then understands the nine different languages their coworkers, bosses, and charges speak, giving everyone the capacity to feel seen, heard, and understood.



To try and effectively lead from one frame of thinking, believing ,operating truly does not work. 


One of the biggest challenges is the hard work of leadership always begins with the most difficult person we will ever lead, and that is ourself.


If we don’t understand the ‘why’ behind it, we are kind of just kicking the can down the street and we never get to the root of what is not working. 


The Enneagram is important for teams, because it can tell you what gifts you have, what others have, and what’s missing on our team. 


The 2’s in the enneagram—the supportive advisers, the helpers, they’re super generous; they’re the people connectors and relationship builders.


The 4’s, my romantic individualist, they are the story telling creatives, they make world beautiful. 


I’ve said this before, if I had to pick one Enneagram type to have as a phone a friend card, it would probably be a 5, a healthy 5 because they know their shit. 


If you are leading a 6, let them ask all the questions, they are not being insubordinate. They have this divine need of certainty. 


When you get a 7 that you’re leading, know that they will come at you like a firehose of ideas. 


You definitely want an 8 in your life because if all hell is breaking loose, the 8’s got it and they’re not afraid.

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