When I met this beautiful woman, I was drawn to her immediately.

At the time I didn’t know why, and honestly in the past I wouldn’t have liked her very much.

Listen now

She’s a straight-shooting, no bullshit, tells-it-like-it-is, very polarizing type of person.

The old me would’ve been intimidated by that. But my healthy self respects the shit out of her.

All the influencers and Bali butterflies out there can leave you wondering: Is anyone even real anymore?

Let me tell you, my guest Jill is. I met her while doing typing sessions with a mastermind group, and she immediately thought she was an 8.

She’s not an 8.

We discovered she’s a Type 1, the Reformer, Improver or the Sheriff. They are the integrity police, prone to black-and-white thinking and not afraid of sharing their opinions.

They’re always looking to improve things, and that’s why they make the world a better place—especially when they’re at their most healthy. Listen in as we go into that and more with the lovely Jill.



The reason I am drawn to her is because she has something I don’t and it’s beautiful. 


Eights are the most mistyped quite honestly because of that intensity. Like just because you’re intense doesn’t make you an 8. 


When I am coming from a not so healthy place or I am in the dark side that intensity is like a wrecking ball. 

16:01 Jill

I believe we raise a team in any kind of business the way we raise our kids. 

26:48 Jill

The way I fought for change was aggressive —that doesn’t mean it was bad but it was abrasive (Enneagram One). 

29:04 Jill

The more confident you become in who you truly are you are able to receive compliments. 


The beautiful gift of having a 9 wing is the discernment factor like is this really mine to fight and what is the bigger picture of this. 

37:29 Jill

When are you going to realize that when you pull back it goes back to 0 anyway. 


Every choice you make has a consequence—good and not so good, and if you make them and it’s not so good, there will be accountability but I’m not gonna rake you through the coals for it and we’re gonna have a learning lesson.


Being a parent is so hard because we have to watch them struggle.

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