This client of mine is the most mistyped person of all.

She is proof that no matter what test you take or how many times you take it, it can be inaccurate 65-70% of the time.

Listen now

I met Julie 2 years ago and immediately fell in love with her.

She was initially typed as a 7, and although she had that big energy, the more I got to know her, I just wasn’t feeling that for her.

In the fall of 2020, she reached out to me.

She told me that when we first met she knew she would eventually hire me, and so she finally pulled the trigger. The first thing I did was to try to hone in on her true type.

The more we dove into her motivators, we realized she indeed wasn’t a 7.

She’s actually a 4. The individualist, the intense creative, a 4’s motivation is to express their uniqueness and be authentic. They share similarities with the 7—both don’t want to be trapped—but 4s are way more feeling where 7s tend to be more avoidant. 



When you are committed to growth like Julie is, anything is possible and then you can use all those gifts of your type and take it next level. 


I was stuck, I didn’t know what it was I just knew that it was internal work.


It isn’t until we really uncover where the blind spots are with compassion and love that the real change can happen. 




Can you even imagine as teenagers if we felt seen, heard, and understood by our parents how different this would look. 


If you don’t know truly what is causing the things you cannot get over them. 


The gifts of the 4 are you know you’re the most emotional intuitive on the Enneagram. 


When we don’t have compassion and we don’t truly understand who someone is, that can frustrate you. 


I used to live life based on how I feel.


You cannot make progress with yourself and definitely with anyone else until you’ve done that understanding of who you are and where your blind spots are. 

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