The Enneagram is the greatest personal development tool I’ve ever used.

Issues with the Enneagram, however, include mistyping, not using it in integrity, or not using it how it’s meant to be used.

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More than ever, we’re aware that shit’s gotta change in our life.

Self awareness is so, so important, but only works if we know what to do with it. In the world we live in today, we’re aware there’s a problem—that something’s gotta give, that something needs to change, that something isn’t working as well as we would like it to.

Everything is marketed as: If you do this, then I can solve your problem.

Awareness is step one, and when we become aware, oftentimes we want the quick fix. But there’s a middle part that on one’s talking about. And this is where true, sustainable transformation happens.

If we don’t understand how and why we are where we are, we’re just kicking the can down the street.

The middle part, acknowledgement, is there to help us connect the dots—not to linger there, put ourselves back in the pit, or beat ourselves up more. By looking back, we can reverse engineer how and why we do what we do.



The one downfall and the one problem with the enneagram is the amount of mistyping that goes on or maybe not using it in integrity. 


You have to be aware before you can change anything, but I think so often we are aware and then we just want a very rapid action. 


We have to look back to connect the dots so that we can make sense and really reverse engineer the how and why we do what we do. 


So often our heart gets broken early on, little things along the way, sometimes big things, sometimes a cumulation of things. And unfortunately along the way it doesn’t get set properly so our heart is kind of pieced together in a way that just gets by. 


Sometimes we have to look back and re-break our heart a little bit so that we can set it properly. 


It’s not hard, it hurts for moments but to have the longevity of a free operating, unguarded, wildly passionate heart is so worth it to connect the dots. 


This is the problem with personal development today. We have this awareness that something is up, now who can sell me the course, the infomercial, the quick fix to make this go away. 


I can’t promise you how long it’s going to take but I can promise you this, that the transformation, the growth, the love, the abundance, everything that you are searching for is in this acknowledgment peice. 


If we don’t feel it, we can’t heal it, and if you don’t heal it, you’re going to be operating in damage control all the time. 


I would be honored to take you through the journey to really put the pieces together, piece your heart back together so that you can have everything that you want. 

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