I don’t care if you know your type…

…or even work with the Enneagram professionally—this stuff is hard. Personal development and self growth and doing the work is never for the weary.

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I was originally mistyped as a 3.

And me and 3s did not get along. I viewed a lot of them as weak for needing attention and low-key was envious that they made things look easy—especially when it came to vulnerability.

My friend Tiffany has a hard time letting people take care of her.

But when we were together in California recently, I was cooking and cleaning for her, and in exchange, she helped me with strategy for my business, because I am the worst self-marketer of all time. You know who’s good at marketing? 3s.

But as an 8, I don’t like to be questioned.

And that’s what Tiffany did: she asked me questions about a new program I want to offer, how it should be structured based on my current programs, etc. etc…

Tiffany is a 6, the Loyalist, and naturally asks a lot of questions. And when she goes into interrogation mode—which comes from a good place—I get triggered. It makes me feel weak, and like I don’t have things handled.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn what I realized…



Personal development and self growth and doing the “work” on ourselves is never for the weary. 


I know that there is more for me to do with all of you.


Using the Enneagram has allowed me to be a great marketer but I am terrible self- marketer. 


As an Enneagram 8, I assume if you’re asking me tons of questions that you think I’m weak and don’t have this handled and that is like the death of an 8. 


I know, without a question or a doubt that I am the very best at what I do. 


All my 6’s out there you guys are like prepared for worst case scenario 5x over. 


Sometimes we joke about things and poke fun at ourselves to hide some of our most insecure moments. 


We are all going to be messy at first at things, even things that we are really good at. 


Each Enneagram type has something that is an insecurity that holds us back. 


I like to have you not see me coming, that’s where I feel most comfortable, and that being said I also know that being our most comfortable won’t allow things to grow. 

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