How do I know what Enneagram type I’m talking to?⁣⁣
It’s irresponsible to go around typing people based on behaviors and without permission—what you see usually isn’t what motivates people. ⁣⁣
Listen now⁣⁣
If we start telling people what Enneagram type they are without getting to the root cause of things, we’re doing people a HUGE disservice.⁣⁣
My kids didn’t even know about the Enneagram until four years after I’d really started learning about it. I tell you this because there are a lot of schools of thought around children and the Enneagram. I’m one of those that totally believes you can narrow down the type of your children without labeling them.⁣⁣
The Enneagram is a tool, after all.⁣⁣
In the first four years, I knew for sure I had one of the kids in the heart triad and the other in the head triad. Knowing that, six other types for each were eliminated. ⁣⁣
Knowing at least what triad you’re dealing with when leading others—whether in your business or family—goes a LONG way.⁣⁣
Speak as if the person in question were the type you think they are, and you’ll know when you land.⁣⁣
I started doing this with my kids and it worked, but it wasn’t until years later that I told them what I’d been up to. ⁣⁣
When you’re leading people and want to bring out the best in them and empower them, you have to know what motivates them. And narrowing down who you’re speaking to based on their triad helps ENORMOUSLY with this.⁣⁣



When you’re leading people and you want to bring out the best in them and empower them, you have to know what motivates them. 


When you are looking to bring out the best out of people and you understand the main motivator, you’re going to know how to help them overcome challenges. 


When you’re driven by something different you have to know how to speak to that. 


The 6’s, the loyalists, out of the head triad probably have the most externally obvious need for certainty. 


We are constantly motivated by a need for truth or justice. 


The underlying emotions, for the 8,9,and the 1 is anger. 


The 9’s they are seeking, peace and justice for the collective, the environment. 


Leadership is empowering people, and bringing out the best in the people that you lead. 


When people feel seen, heard and understood they trust and there’s respect. 


When people believe that you hear their heart and hear their fears and that you not only can hear them but can help them with that, that goes such a long way in leadership.

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