There’s nothing wrong with us; we don’t need to be fixed.

In a state of nostalgia and reflection, I look back at this year and my life.

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The real gift of the Enneagram.

The Enneagram has allowed me to be exactly who I was meant to be.

There was so much pressure put on 2020 to bring so much to our lives, and look what happened! As we go into a new year, I can’t help but reflect on the last 20 years in which I’ve been relentless about getting back to who I was always meant to be before life kicked the shit out of me.

I used to live my life with bitterness, resentment, and anger.

And although most of the time I didn’t let it show, when I did, all hell broke loose.

Why am I so passionate about the Enneagram? Because it provided me with the framework I needed to overhaul everything I’d ever known to be untrue about myself.

The Enneagram allowed me to completely, radically alter how I communicate what’s in my heart with others.

You can use the Enneagram as a tool to not just help yourself and your business, but to change the legacy you will leave behind in the hearts of the people that mean the most to you.



When I say there’s nothing wrong with us and we don’t need to be fixed, I really believe that to be true.


The gift that the Enneagram has really allowed me to do, is be exactly who i was always meant to be.


The Enneagram really provided me the framework to overhaul everything I’d ever known to be untrue about myself.


The Enneagram has really allowed me to see my mom for who she is and love her just the same.


Using the Enneagram, not just navigating all those relationships, but to heal the very things that kept me from showing up as love is a gift. 


The Enneagram allowed me to understand why people do what they do, and not be so focused on what they’re doing.


The thing that allows me to not be so afraid is to lean in the very thing that scares me.


Usually when we’re triggered or feel pain, there’s an old wound that gets ripped open or even just brushed and it freakin hurts.


Who knows what 2021 will bring, but the gift of the Enneagram has given me the tools to navigate all of it.


Not just changing their business and their homes, but changing their heart in a way that they show up everyday and they’re proud of themselves—that makes my life complete.

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