EnneaTalk Tuesday 101: Triads

It’s that time again–Enneatalk Tuesday 101 is back and this time were going over the three different umbrellas, or triads, that the initial nine types fall under—the head, the body, and the heart. I identify the characteristics of each triad and discuss the importance of having the correct type in order to navigate towards the growth, love, and success we all seek with the help of the Enneagram. 

Listen to this week’s episode to see how you can use the three triads to see if you are typed correctly, and discover what each one means in relation to our core behaviors. 

The roadmap back to your soul

The Enneagram is a powerful tool. When you want to go on a road trip or are heading to a destination, you need to know the coordinates to get there so you can arrive as safe and fast as possible. The Enneagram is no different. When you have the right type, it allows you to grow and reach your goals, while having the wrong type can lead you on a winding lost path that can hurt, waste time, and leave you frustrated.

The three triads and finding your type

I use this episode to explain what the head, body, and head triads mean and how you can not only identify each one but use them to help find if you’re typed correctly. If you have been struggling and going back and forth trying to use this tool but keep finding yourself complacent and stuck in a rut, it’s time to take the guesswork out of it: Reach out to me, DM me, schedule a typing session. 

Take control and schedule a typing session 

I want you to know where you are going, to have clarity, and have the right set roadmap to find the right coordinates of your soul. Why? Because mastering self-awareness is a super power and the first step to Becoming Bulletproof. 

Ready to schedule a typing session with me? 

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  • If you have the wrong type, which many of you do, you are going to be taken completely off course a lot of time. – 2:15 
  • Sometimes we operate from the instincts we just go and deal with the consequences later – 8:55
  • I want you to know where you’re going because many of you have the wrong coordinates and you keep ending up in a direction that isn’t for you. 12:45
  • Mastering self-awareness is a superpower and it is the first line of action to become bulletproof 13:00
  • “When the Enneagram is used right, it can be like your own personal soul waze app.” 2:03
  • “The Enneagram Triads are the centers of intelligence.” 4:43
  • “There’s the body triad, which is the physical or instinctual. There’s the heart triad, which is emotional & there’s the head triad, which is intellectual” 5:13
  • “The centers of intelligence can be the first step in determining if you have the right type.” 5:27
  • “Everything being about a feeling and empathy is the strength of the triad that is in the heart” 6:26
  • “In the heart triad are the 2, the 3, and the 4.” 6:33
  • “Anytime that you think you’re one thing, I really want you to go back to the core which is that triad.” 6:40
  • “What’s great about the Enneagram and personality types is you can have two of the same type in a room and they express themselves completely different.”  6:55
  • “The 3 centers of intelligence (the 3 triads) represent 3 modes of perception, processing, and expression. 7:15
  • “The body, the motor, the kinesthetic, instinctual center has type 8: The Challenger, 9: The Peacemaker, and 1: The Reformer.” 7:57
  • “When thoughts initiate movements in you, your motor center is activated.” 8:10
  • “The heart triad is the emotional center, which regulates the feeling function and the experience and expression of emotion” 9:35
  • “The head triad includes type 5: The Investigator, 6: The Loyalist, and 7: The Enthusiast.”  10:42
  • “Mastering self-awareness is a superpower and is the first line of action to become bulletproof.” 13:05
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