Killing the diets and taking down Weight Watchers This week’s guest is Will Armijo, a good friend of mine who has guided and helped me through my own journey to health. In this episode, we plunge into the world of fitness, health, and supplements. We discuss how Will’s past and obsession with manipulating the body transitioned from being unhealthy, to fuelling his drive to help others, leading to his thriving business today.  We cover the dangers of yoyo dieting, of cutting calories, and binge eating. Will divulges the secret to long-term weight loss, and the three principles behind it. Listen to this week’s episode to hear why dieting works but isn’t successful, and how intuitive eating can set you up for long-term health.  Feeding the obsession Will opens up about his childhood and how at 10 years old, the pressure to be the best baseball pitcher jumpstarted his obsession with fitness, health, and the ability to reshape his body. In order to be the best athlete, he believed he needed to look like the genetically gifted athletes around him—but it was an unobtainable reality he chased and his obsession grew in its stead.  The birth of Will-Powered He discusses the end of his baseball career and how the natural next step was bodybuilding. The industry haunted him, though, and coaches lacked knowledge and the ability to help.  Fed up with the fads, false advice, and incorrect coaches, he finally started writing meal plans for other people and helping them lose the pounds. But the biggest let down of all was when those same people would come back 6 months later, having gained the weight back, looking for another quick fix. He knew he had to do more, to help people sustainably commit to long-term health and not just a perpetual yoyo diet—thus Will-powered was born. Perceiving health as long-term Today, not only has Will built a community and helped over 4,000 other people become leaders in intuitive eating, but we talk about how he helped me redefine my relationship with food, and in doing so, saved my life.  He is committed to helping people take control of their health—to understand that in order to do so, it is first important to perceive it for what it is—infinite. Because in the end, there are no goals, and your health is not just a game. Will Armijo Will Armijo is an entrepreneur, speaker, and influencer who has been featured in multiple magazines, local news, and global podcasts. He is the Founder and CEO of Will-Powered Nutrition Consulting and Co-Founder of B13 Home Services. He is a former NCAA baseball player, 9-time NPC bodybuilding competitor, and holds an MBA along with a certification in nutrition and strength training. Will has 18 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.  Your reviews matter If you enjoyed this episode and look forward to new ones each week, please take a minute to share with friends, family, and rate the podcast on Apple Podcasts! The more ratings and reviews there are, the easier it is to discover the show, especially for those who may need it. Quick Access To Quotes:
  • Every diet you will lose 10% of your body weight because every type of diet puts a calorie deficit 7:30
  • Within 1 year of any diet, you can expect to lose 10%-15% of your body weight 8:10
  • Nothing will teach you how to keep the weight off 8:35
  • When I saw that my physical appearance was changing, I became obsessed 13:00
  • No matter how much work I did, I still did not look like the genetically gifted kids around me, especially the athlete 13:25
  • No matter how hard I tried, I always had body fat on me 13:40
  • I had to ask myself what separates me from everyone else and what kind of impact am I making in the world, not just in my bank account. 20:20
  • If we don’t stay conditioned in what we’re supposed to do, it’s only a matter of time until we go to old patterns – 23:15 – Tracy 
  • This is an epidemic and it’s robbing us of our health 29:25 -Tracy
  • We use macros like training wheels 31:20
  • Nobody prepared us for the impact inflammation has on the world right now. 32:35
  • Almost all autoimmune diseases are caused by inflammation 32:40
  • A diet will not fix inflammation 33:25
  • At the end of the day I had to really fucking radically responsibility that I was a big part of this and that’s a big pill to swallow – 43:18 – Tracy
  • It was about a year ago, I said enough is enough 45:35 – Tracy
  • You are more than the reflection in the mirror – 49:35 – Tracy
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