EnneaTalk Tuesday: The 8 ways the Enneagram can bring success to your business 

Another week means another EnneaTalk Tuesday—and you definitely don’t want to miss this episode. For this week’s topic, I discuss how the Enneagram can be used in business to increase productivity, motivation, and profits. I introduce the eight different ways this tool can help lead your company to success and how, if you have the right type, it can help not only refine your management skills, but build the culture you and your employees seek.

Listen to this week’s episode to see how the Enneagram can move the needle in your business’ culture, communication, and profit. 

Habits, Patterns, and the Enneagram

Have you ever wondered how your communication style might affect those around you? When it comes to work, everyone has different ingrained patterns and modes of process. I open this episode by covering every personality type’s unhealthy habits in business and how the Enneagram can be used to identify and break them. 

How understanding yourself can help your business thrive

The key to being a good leader is knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, so the core piece to implementing this tool into your business is to first use it to understand yourself—so you can truly learn to see, hear, and understand others.

I dig into how the Enneagram can help you develop self-awareness, as well as understand and speak the same language as those you lead. This can help to resolve conflicts easier, communicate effectively, and recognize other’s gifts in order to help them, and your business, grow.

Building culture that cultivates creativity and engagement

I discuss how environment is stronger than willpower and why it is important to create a healthy culture that empowers, encourages, and makes people want to come back—so there is no boundary to how far your business can go. 

Investing in the Enneagram can help build a culture of motivation, trust, productivity, and fun, and this in turn can change everything about your business—bringing purpose, increased revenue, retention, and success. 

If you are ready to move the needle in your business’ profit, reach out to me and let the Enneagram help bring everything you have desired for your business—bottom line.   

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Minute Markers:

  • This is a very clear map to know the people you are dealing with 1:50 
  • Leaders go first 1:58 – tracy
  • How can you tell people something to do that you aren’t willing to do? 2:19
  • If you don’t know what it feels like its never going to translate properly. 2:28
  • We all want to make a difference in the world 2.41
  • The Enneagram can help you bring out the best in the people that you lead. 2:59
  • It’s really important to understand who you’re working with and leading. 3:51
  • The Enneagram can help shine the light on the patterns in your life that become a problem. 4:15
  • There’s no one Enneagram personality that’s better than the other; we’ve all got beautiful strengths and gifts. 5:09
  • The healthier you are and the healthier the people in your business are, the more profitable your business will be and the more productivity that you will have. 5:45
  • If you’re not self aware, you’re going to make poor decisions. 6:12
  • The goal is to have a team of all different gifts working together 9:09
  • When you can speak to people in their language, of their type, you are going to be more effective.10:45
  • Any time you have people in a room with different ideas, you’re going to have conflict. The challenge is to use the conflict constructively. 11:46
  • Sometimes when you’re stuck in your personality it’s tough to resolve any conflict. 12:07
  • When people are doing things they are good at confidence gets built and when confidence gets built they’re more productive. 6:13
  • When you have the right people in the right positions to the organization is more likely to work together harmoniously. 16:18
  • Because I mastered my own self-awareness first, my kids followed my lead. 25:40 
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