Your story doesn’t define you; it refines you into who you are meant to be

In this episode, I introduce you to Jeremiah Campbell—a person you will fall in love with while listening to him speak his truth. His innate gift and ability to help people, to guide them towards their goals, and his journey from addict to entrepreneur will not only inspire and move you, but instill faith and motivation.

Listen to this episode to hear a powerful story, advice, and insight on how to sustain a growing relationship, and how to commit to your own growth and personal development to be the best you can be.

A standard of normal

We open this episode with Jeremiah describing his ‘normal’ childhood—his mother was addicted to cocaine, his father to marijuana, and eventually his siblings to drinking and various drugs. Being an Enneagram type 7, his need to please people and feel accepted, along with his environment and people around him, led to his own addictions and abuse of alcohol and heroin.

Becoming who he wanted to be

Jeremiah describes the moment the drugs stopped working, how he hated them, hated doing them, and how they were no longer enough to take away from the feelings he felt about himself—self-hatred. It was during rounds of rehab that he was introduced to the 12 Steps, and to the person who would show him a new way to direct his excess energy.

In the end, it’s about your perception and the story you tell yourself

We dig into his relationship with his wife, Mallory, their interactions while growing up together, and the pivotal moment when it turned from friends to romance. Despite family members trying to tear them apart, rehab, and trauma along the way, we talk about their everyday commitment to each other, to grow, to build the life they want together.

He offers insight into how to truly dig deeper, to know yourself, your motivations, your fears, what drives you at the core and how to channel that into becoming the best version of yourself.

Jeremiah Campbell

Jeremiah Campbell is a serial entrepreneur, having built and managed several seven-figure businesses, and is the founder and principal disrupter of Brickworks Property Restoration. As a leader and most awarded company in the masonry construction industry, Brickworks strives to make a personal impact on its team members and the thousands of customers that engage with the brand daily. As a recovered addict and alcoholic, Jeremiah’s personal mission is centered around inspiring others to rebuild and achieve at the level of their true potential. 

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Quick Access To Quotes:

  • Becoming bulletproof means to stand on the front line of your life – 4:00 Tracy
  • You can always have a great childhood if you choose to remember it differently. 4:30 – Jeremiah
  • As I grew up, I always had this pull on me to want to be somebody different 5:15 – Jeremiah
  • I always wanted to make people like me. 6:50 – Jeremiah
  • There was nothing crazy that happened, it was all an internal job to become the person I am – 7:30 Jeremiah
  • I hated the way it made me feel, but I kept doing it. 9 – Jeremiah
  • The 7 on the enneagram is the most likely to become addicted 10:20 Tracy
  • The drugs and alcohol stopped working 13:25 – Jeremiah
  • I couldn’t get high enough to take away the feelings from what I felt about myself. 13:35 – Jeremiah
  • The gift of desperation hit me 15:10 – Jeremiah
  • What a healthy Enneagram 7 does, is they don’t think inside any kind of box. 25:00 – Tracy
  • I’m obsessed with becoming the better version of myself. 29:35 – Jeremiah
  • My number one thing in my business, is my culture. 30:05 – Jeremiah
  • I’m not that unique, I just give a shit and I pay attention and I celebrate the small wins. 30:35 – Jeremiah
  • I never expected to be successful 43:25 – Jeremiah
  • The reason we are still together because she is amazing and allowed me to build the business up. – 44:55 – Jeremiah
  • She is the reason for my success 45:15
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