Finding freedom in effective communication 

It is time for EnneaTalk Tuesday! This week is all about communication. During this episode I talk about the importance of being an effective communicator at home and at work, rather than an overpowering the conversation and always being right. I walk through how the Enneagram can explain each type’s communication strengths and weaknesses and how you can use this tool to better understand yourself, others, and each other more accurately. 

Listen to this episode to learn your Enneagram type’s communication style, how the Enneagram can help you become a more effective communicator, and tips on how to navigate misunderstandings between the sender and receiver. 

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

80% or more of communication is not in the words we speak—it’s the tone and pattern of our voice and our body language that communicates the most to our audience. I open this episode discussing how the Enneagram communication application allows you to understand how each type’s communication style develops, and how important it is to be aware of how you are perceived when speaking. 

Using the Enneagram to understand your communication style

I share the question I was recently asked that touched me the most, one that acknowledged the growth in my own speaking behaviors and effectiveness, and how the Enneagram can be used to help each type become a more concise and articulate communicator.

Progress happens when people are seen, understood, and heard. Being self-aware and doing the work to see how you come off is key to making this happen. The sooner you are able to this, the less work you have to put in be understood—and that is where the real freedom is.

Schedule a typing session with me!

If you are interested in exploring the Enneagram deeper to truly master yourself and your core motivations and communication style, schedule a typing session with me. Information does not bring transformation—but knowing how to use it does. 

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“To really make a difference in the world, whether it’s in your own home or your business, communication is gonna be everything.” :52

“80% or more of communication is not the words we use but the patterns of our speech and the nonverbal ways we communicate.” 1:56

“1’s, be more aware of your body language and the message you communicate through nonverbal behavior. 1’s can have resting b*tch face.” 7:33

“2’s, your strengths are that you listen so carefully, you guys are the most natural empaths on the Enneagram.” 8:25

“2’s, maintain clear boundaries between you and the other person and really be willing to express your feelings more directly even if you think it’s not gonna be well-received.” 9:30

“Once a 2 has healthy boundaries, they’re freakin bulletproof.” 9:58

“3,’s, listen to others longer so that they feel heard.” 11:18

“4’s, de-intensify your need for deep connectivity with everyone and reduce self-referencing words and stories.” 12:51

“5’s, ask more questions, share more of your personal information. The more you share, the deeper the connection will be.” 14:33

“5’s, worry less about intruding on others. You are here for big reasons, and you have a gift that most of us need.” 14:53

“6’s, question others’ motives less—not everybody’s out to get you.” 15:57

“7’s, don’t stop your story-telling because stories are what connects us all, but listen until others have completely finished what they’re saying.” 17:41

“8’s, listen even to those whom you may not respect and explain your thinking and instinctual reactions more fully.” 19:38

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