How the Enneagram can be used to master your self-awareness and growth

If you are someone who listens to podcasts, attends conventions, events, or strives to improve yourself and your personal growth daily, then this episode is for you. It is EnneaTalk Tuesday and we are talking all things personal development. On this episode, I discuss how important personal development is, how prevalent information is on the topic, and how sometimes too much information can be overwhelming and keep you from taking action. I talk about how the Enneagram can help direct you to self-awareness, and how this can help you prepare for all of life’s obstacles—and overcome them. 

Listen to this week’s episode to hear how the Enneagram helped my own personal growth, how it can help yours, and how I can guide you to moving the needle in your life and develop your business and life on your terms. 

Overinforming can be paralyzing 

 Today, there is an abundance of ways to seek personal development and an overload of information to get to your goal—whatever it may be. However, as I have often said, information does not always mean transformation. Too much information can be paralyzing and navigating how to implement it can be difficult. Luckily, I can help.  

The roadmap to your growth

I discuss how the first step to personal growth is self-awareness, and how the Enneagram is the best road map to deepening it. When life happens and turmoil strikes, it is crucial to understand yourself so you can continue showing up in life, no matter what life throws at you. 

I share how the Enneagram helped me do this through the worst year of my life, and how, because I have walked that path, I can help guide you to weather whatever happens, and use the Enneagram to do so. 

If you are interested in exploring the Enneagram deeper to truly master yourself and your personal development, schedule a typing session with me. Information does not bring transformation—but knowing how to use it does. 

Ready to schedule a typing session with me? 


“Life happens all the time and my personal development goes to work for me and a lot of that has to do with understanding myself, that self-awareness piece, by using the Enneagram.” 5:29

“If you can understand your internal soul personal roadmap when all hell does break loose knowing that you have some certain guidelines and indicators that things are going sideways, you can course-correct before things go south fast.” 5:55

“When I learn something about myself, really good shit happens on the other side of that.” 6:57

“If you need to move the needle fast, and move it fast like yesterday, just reach out to me.” 9:46

“I know that a lot of you are starting to get a little nervous because the ROI on your investment in personal development, although you feel better, at times you’re not seeing your bottom line changing.” 10:53

“Where I am different in regards to the Enneagram than anybody out there is…There is nobody that I know that can show you how to integrate it and that has actually used it to build multi-million dollar businesses.”11:08

“Before I could start integrating [the Enneagram] with other people and teaching it to other people, I needed to understand myself.” 14:07

“Understanding the Enneagram and having somebody show you how to integrate I believe is the fastest way to having all this personal development that you’re doing actually work for you.” 14:53

“The real, great work for me comes when I am in the trenches helping you integrate and actually helping you get an ROI on all this work that you’ve been doing.” 16:04

“I want you to be able to know that when life happens, you can handle it.” 16:31

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