Taking action and transforming habits—one small change at a time

On this week’s episode of Becoming Bulletproof, I bring you a guest that I met two years ago at a mastermind dinner, someone who immediately made an impact and lasting impression on me. James Patrick is one of the most resourceful, kind, warm, and talented men I have ever met, and on this episode, he shares his journey to success as a photographer, author, and founder of FITposium, an annual conference and online education network supporting entrepreneurs to grow their careers.

Listen to this week’s episode to hear how changing small habits can make a lasting impact, how lack of action can mean missed opportunity, and how tearing apart your childhood patterns and ideas of safety might just allow you to rebuild and become who you were meant to be.

Creating a barrier through his work

We open discussing James’ childhood and upbringing, and how it helped shape and impact his professional mentality later in life. He shares how his parents were hardworking and believed everything was finite when it came to work, how this molded his own views, and recalls the moments that instilled the belief that nothing was ever good enough.

James talks about the launch of his career in marketing, how he hid behind it for safety, and his side hustle taking photos that eventually became more successful than his main career. He shares his rise to success in photography, the moment he had a brilliant approach to it and let it pass, and the hindsight that lit a fire under his ass to always take action, no matter the risks.

Choosing to change his life to leave behind his legacy

James opens up about living in safety—behind his camera, his work, and his career. He shares the intense retreat that changed his life, the significant moments leading up to and during it, and the small changes he began to make to ensure he would lead the life and leave behind the legacy that he wanted. After all, it’s not about the information you have, it’s about what you choose to do with it.

James Patrick

James Patrick is an award-winning, internationally published photographer, and best-selling author based in Phoenix, Arizona. He works as an entrepreneur coach and public speaker covering topics including photography, marketing and business development. James is the founder of FITposium, an annual conference and online education network helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their careers. His mission is to create art and opportunity for others.


  • We create things because we feel we needed that five years ago 7:30 james
  • In most of the things we create in our services, our programs, we created for ourselves 7:35 james
  • What do i do as photographer?  I hide behind a camera 11:10 james
  • It’s the ascension for perfection that you will never hit 17:20 james
  • The idea was how i can replicate this visually 18:35 james
  • I had the foresight,  i did not take action and all im left with is hindsight 19:55 james
  • I had to completely tear apart the fabric that I had built for myself in what I saw safe and what I saw as the right thing to do. 35:50 – james
  • You can’t contrast change day to day, change happens gradually 35:30 james
  • What balance is, is this ability to present – 42:19 – tracy
  • Its shifting the definition of what we are striving for in balance 45:39- james
  • You have to determine for yourself what your priority is 49:15 james
  • Drinking green juice everyday won’t change my life, however, the fact that I strive to drink green juice everyday will impact other decisions I make and I take care of myself. 55:45 james
  • All the work and all the development we all go through, it’s because we’re willing to make those small decisions that overtime will acclimate to something that actually shifts. 56 james
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