Navigating the pressures of social media and how the Enneagram can help

This week’s EnneaTalk Tuesday is all about Social Media Comparing. As I have sat in lockdown these past several weeks, I have been watching as everyone around the world has shown up online, and how all the different Enneagram types have reacted to being locked inside. In a time where we all are facing so much uncertainty, there’s a lot of pressure to show up as something you are not, to compare yourself to others, and to try and do something that isn’t authentic to your true self.

Listen to this episode to hear the struggles each type might be facing, how social media comparing can impact each type, and tips for overcoming so you can find the value, self-worth, and beauty in showing up as yourself.

Our new reality online—all the time

We are all spending a lot of time online these days, whether it’s zoom for a meeting, studying, or wasting time on social media. Social media especially has become the most addictive way of passing time, resulting in a “scroll hole” that can often leave us feeling small and shameful while comparing ourselves to others seemingly perfect lives and successes.

As a result, many of us feel pressure to become something we’re not, to create a business, or come out of quarantine with an abundance of accomplishments. It is important to remember that quantity does not necessarily mean transformation, and that there is worthiness and value in just being you.

Embracing yourself and your superpowers

I describe each type’s lifelong struggles, ones that are not cut and dry but generally applicable. I give tips on how to overcome these struggles, how to adjust and lean in to truly embrace yourself, and habits that can help. I share how instead of pivoting and trying to conform to be something you’re not, the Enneagram can expose your superpowers so you can see just how much value there is in being you.


“Social media use and the ‘scroll hole’ has become one of the biggest addictions there is.” 1:15

“Social media misuse is a way that we numb, it’s a way that we get ourselves some shame hits, it’s where we allow ourselves  to play small because we go into comparison.” 1:22

“When you’re able to be 100 percent authentic to who you are, not only does it feel a lot better and it’s not as hard, but it’s also sustainable.” 6:53

“If you’re a 1, pay attention to your tendency to push yourself maybe beyond your limits and your workload.” 11:19

“If you are a 1, your homework today is to go have some fun.” 11:58

“2’s, reflect on the fact that no matter what you do in life there is no pleasing everyone, no matter what, you will never please everyone.” 14:53

“I’m gonna encourage my 3’s to find people that you trust and you can be vulnerable and open with and know you don’t have to be a certain way for them to love you.” 20:35

“4’s, the more that you seek a unique identity, the more it can feel out of your grasp.” 22:13

“Feelings last 2 seconds to 2 minutes.” 24:24

“5’s, practice being present in the moment, look around yourself and notice the details, reconnect with the world through physical activity; if you awaken your body, you will find that your mind is a lot sharper and less plagued by uncertainty.” 28:32

“6’s, surround yourself with people that will pour love into you, that are true to their word.” 33:45

“7’s, your biggest struggle most of your life will be this anxious feeling that the grass is always greener on the other side.” 34:54 

“Beneath the tough exterior of the 8’s, The Challenger, is someone who really craves emotional affirmation and love.” 41:31

“Remember that while humility is a good thing, it’s also not wise to discount your needs and your abilities. I want you guys to practice saying ‘no’ when you don’t want to do something and when you’re asked an opinion I want you to give it.” 48:26

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