Building your business and finding the PR journey and person that is right for you

I am so excited to introduce you to this week’s guest because I know you’re going to walk away with so much insane value. Nicole Myden is someone who inspires me every time she opens her mouth and when she does, she truly speaks from the heart. She is a powerhouse in PR, queen of connection, authenticity, and truly serves and helps others see their worth.  

If you are an entrepreneur or considering starting your own business, questioning whether you need PR, listen to this episode to hear incredibly valuable advice and tips on how to do PR for yourself, how to find the best PR person for you, and when to recognize if the time is right.

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The power and process of PR

Nicole launches this episode by dropping so much beautiful knowledge on what to expect on a PR journey, how to hold space and energy for what that means, and the commitment and time that is required to do so. She speaks about her twenty years plus of experience and shares tips for those that are looking to explore their own journey in PR, how to do that, and the two most important things to do in order to get started and be successful for your business.

Pivoting, dealing with loss, and rebuilding

She dives into her background of how she fell into PR, and the pivotal moment that made her leave her career and marriage to start over at 35, leaving everything behind. She shares the two incredibly traumatic losses she experienced soon after, and how her determination to work on herself internally and do the work brought so much positivity and abundance.

Staying authentic to you

Nicole digs into her personal experience of building her own businesses, how she is finally ready to return to the consistent “paycheck” and the stigma that comes with that word and decision. We discuss how entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, and how most of all, if you feel inclined to start a company, 100% go for it—but know having passion for what you do is different from running a business—and sometimes, you can find one without the other.

Nicole Myden

Nicole loves connecting the dots for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and brands to the media. A twenty-year PR industry veteran from Los Angeles, Nicole moved to Scottsdale three years ago and started The PR Concierge, LLC. With a strong background in national and regional consumer PR campaigns, including brands over the years like FabFitFun, Brew Dr. Kombucha, Lori Harder, CertiStar, American Idol and so many more, Nicole set out to also help the smaller, purpose-driven brands and individuals get the press coverage she feels they are worthy of as well. It’s Nicole’s belief that everyone is worthy of press which is why she stared the #PRposeEvents series and #PRposePodcast, where she teaches modern day entrepreneurs how to garner their own press coverage. Nicole puts a healthy mindset before all else. She leads with intention and experience to create aligned impact for every client and student she represents.

“We want these things, but are we really, really ready for the commitment, and so much of it is actually energetic commitment.” -Nicole 8:40

“If you are somebody who really, genuinely wants these opportunities, you have to be in a place of alignment.” -Nicole 9:00

“Everybody in my mind is worthy of publicity, but you do not need it to define your worth.” -Nicole 11:57

“If you’re doing something this week and you want to start PR around it now, you’re going to miss the boat.” -Nicole 15:28

“Authenticity is key and timing of your launch is everything.” -Nicole 17:40

“You never see when the pivots are coming but they always, always, always bring a new perspective if we are willing to see that.” 33:58

“I realized I needed to go through probably the most uncomfortable phase of my life and if I was ready to step into it, I would eventually get back into the light.” -Nicole 37:09

“In our messes, our greatest miracles are created.” 40:34

“If you feel inclined to start a company, freaking go for it, but just know that having passion for what you do is different from running a company.” -Nicole 46:40

“Running a company is not fun for everybody…I bet you right nowif we were sitting with all of our friends and all of the business owners we know, maybe 1 out 10 of them would tell you, ‘I actually like running a company.’” -Nicole 46:54

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