How stillness and surrendering can help you overcome

It is time for another EnneaTalk Tuesday and this week I am diving deep into personal awareness and how being locked inside might be impacting it. As we are well into our second month of staying home, you may be noticing certain triggers or emotions that are coming up and being exposed—especially without your normal distractions to keep you occupied. I discuss how the Enneagram can help prepare you for this, and how it not only did that for me, but showed me the importance of stillness, and how to ride it out.

Listen to this episode if things in your life are rising to the surface that are scary, that make you numb or panic, and hear how the Enneagram can help equip you to handle whatever life throws at you.

Learning how to pivot and navigate the tough stuff

Now, more than ever, as we sit at home without our normal distractions and tricks, we are being brought to a heightened state of self-awareness on what holds us back, deep-rooted issues we have avoided, and what triggers us or causes us to shove down emotions. I discuss how the Enneagram can be used to help, and how to use that knowledge to pivot and navigate these challenges with elegance and grace so nothing derails you.

Using the Enneagram to help face it all

I share an event that happened recently, and how, although it seemed minor and small, it wound up serving a much bigger purpose and being the best gift I have received in a long time. I talk about how my life flashed before my eyes, the wave of emotions that I couldn’t keep down, and how my old coping mechanisms tried to stifle what I was feeling.

I talk through how I took the entire day to ride out everything I was feeling, how sitting in stillness was the best thing I could have done, and how, because of knowing the Enneagram and where I go under stress, I was able to pivot and face my emotions head on.

You are capable

If you are facing deep rooted parts of your personality while sitting in this stillness at home, I want you to know that it is coming up because you are ready to handle it and you are capable of getting through it. If you need help seeing and using those strengths for yourself, reach out to me, contact me—I am so happy to be here and help. Because of my own relationships and what I have been through, it brings me so much joy to help people surrender to the process and see what is on the other side.

“Most of my life I have braced for impact on an emotional level.” 4:21

“We can never underestimate what comes after the impact.” 6:07

“Yesterday, I was reminded of what beautiful things stillness can do even when it doesn’t fall into our beautifully color-coded, time-blocked calendar.” 9:29

“Crying is a gift to yourself.” 12:07

“Whatever you have attracted, whatever is being called in, whatever is being brought to the surface, you’re ready for.” 13:53

“You can keep stuffing it down or numbing it out or powering through it, or you can accept the fact that you’ve attracted this people/place/thing, you’ve called this in so you’re ready to handle it.” 14:17

“This was called into my life for a much bigger reason than maybe even I know.” 18:54

“Either we can panic when the waves come, or we can take a big, deep breath, read the situation, and time it just right where we can pop up on the board and ride the wave.” 20:50

“If you have things coming into your life that are scary or make you panic or make you numb or stuff down, I want you to know that it has been called in because you are ready for it, you are capable of dealing with it, you are equipped to deal with it.” 23:04

“If you need help understanding how you’re equipped to handle it and what your gifts are in handling it, that’s where I can come in.”  23:42

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