Finding the clarity to lead with value

This week’s guest is someone who is a master in all that she does, someone who sees things that most people don’t, in business and in people. She is a growth strategist and business developer, someone who can see your blind spots and help you get clear on all that you are capable of. Kareen Walsh is a leadership expert and helps people lead with value in all aspects of their life—whether it is at home, in relationships, or in their own business.

Listen to this episode to hear how to lead with value, how to drown out the noise around you, find clarity in what you truly want, and how to give yourself permission to show up—and fumble.

Show up authentically

We start off the episode discussing the most important first step to leading with value—working on yourself first so you can show up authentically in your own core values. Kareen discusses how she had to go through her own self journey and see how she was overexerting herself and putting others needs first before she finally chose to take time for herself. She committed to her own self-improvement so that she could truly help others with their own.

Getting in touch with your core values

She discusses the first thing most people skip when trying to lead—clarity. When it comes to clarity being surrounded by so much noise we experience daily, it can be overwhelming to decipher what you actually want—and not just what your peers influence you to think you want.

Letting go of what no longer serves you, to make space for what does

Your business is 100% reflection of how you lead it, and Kareen shares the three things that can help you figure out your core values and lead in a way that portrays them. We discuss the freedom of change, how to identify when to end something that no longer serves you, and how to leverage your self-development to make the impact you want. Kareen talks about her own experience in mastering herself and leadership, her core values, and how the quickest way to grow your business is to grow yourself.

Kareen Walsh

Kareen Walsh provides solutions, methods, and services to help people to help them achieve what they truly desire in life and business. She is an entrepreneur, executive coach, author, podcaster, and helps people leverage their own strategies and strengths to be top performers in their own industries. Her mission is to help clients move forward and create a business and life that they have always dreamed up—to level them up and guide them in their growth.


“Clarity to me is really allowing yourself th space to explore what is true to you.” -Kareen 6:05

“Honestly, nobody cares if you have it all together; they care that you’re actually stepping into an authentic space about yourself and sharing that you don’t know and you’re deciding to explore.” -Kareen 8:15

“If you can stand in alignment with who you are and what you do, the “buts” don’t matter.” -Kareen 10:42

“We are always either do things out of love or fear.” 21:29

“Love in the workplace is truly caring about everybody’s expertise in the room and letting them shine.” -Kareen 23:22

“If you are sitting in the fear of the discovery of what you will find on the other side, I guarantee it is much lighter than the heaviness that you feel burdened by right now.” -Kareen 26:55

“Everything that I have accomplished for myself is because I then decide in the moment that when I’m feeling that elated energy, that connected energy, the truth of who I am, I ask myself ‘how can I act in this state of being every single day going forward.’” -Kareen 30:08

“Ending something is not graceful, and it doesn’t have to be. You get to define how it goes.” -Kareen 32:02

“I get so excited to end something in my life that no longer belongs.” 32:53

“If you don’t create the space, you can’t allow the new to come in.” -Kareen 33:13

“If you do not take a moment to really get your thoughts down, then that’s why you’re walking around in chaos and overwhelm.” -Kareen 33:45

“As soon as you move your body and connect with it, you actually have clearer thoughts as to what it is you truly want.” -Kareen 36:24

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