Showing up, speaking up, taking action

It’s EnneaTalk Tuesday and this episode is about how each of us is choosing to show up—or not show up—during this time of uncertainty and pain. I discuss how entrepreneurs are using the online space, how to communicate your message from a place of love, and how to leverage your platform to speak up and show up authentically.

Listen to this episode to hear how each Enneagram type might be coping right now, why each type might be holding back, and why you might not be speaking up. Listen to this episode to hear how your gifts can be used to make a positive impact, and how to spread love, do the work, and foster awareness, acknowledgment, and action.

Finding growth in being uncomfortable

I wanted to take this episode to talk about when we don’t know what to do and why were afraid of using our voice—how it can sometimes feel like we might say the wrong thing but that doing that allows growth and learning, so that next time, we can do better.

Doing the work

I talk about how you don’t know you need to do the work until you are faced head on with it, how learning, educating, and speaking from the heart can authentically deliver your message during a time when silence is unacceptable. As we navigate these unchartered territories, coming out of lockdown and a world pandemic, all we can do is take one step in front of the other and move forward towards change, towards racial equality and justice.

How to do better, and be better

I go through each enneagram type and what might be holding each one back, what fears each type might be having, and how the world can benefit from the positive impacts of each healthy type’s gifts. The enneagram can be used to help look at yourself completely and help you do better and be better every single day—so that you can be kind to yourself, have compassion for others, and listen, learn, and move forward in action.


“Now more than ever, especially if you have done some work on yourself, and especially if you have experience through hard things, it is time to speak up.” 4:32

“There is no bypassing the intensity of this, there’s no bypassing the emotional charge that is coming with this.” 4:53

“We are as sick as our secrets.” 6:02

“You really don’t know you haven’t done enough work until you’re faced head on with it.” 8:36

“We have every right to be angry and we should be, and it’s a healthy emotion when used for a good thing.” 14:15

“1’s, because you are so driven by good, bad, right, or wrong, you’re exhausted, especially with times like these.” 16:55

“2’s, you and your compassion and empathy are gifts and quite honestly what this world needs right now.” 18:58

“Here’s the truth for you 3’s out there who are especially concerned: we’re all gonna mess up at this, there is no roadmap, but when you are trying to architect it or manufacture your words to try and look good, it’s never gonna turn out well for you.” 19:50

“4’s, this work is going to require you to step outside of your comfort zone and you may and you’re almost guaranteed to upset some people you love.” 22:21

“5’s, what’s holding you back from maybe speaking out or taking a stand is you’re afraid you don’t know everything and might do or say the wrong thing.” 22:51

“6’s, what’s holding you back is you’re afraid of how people might react because you are driven by certainty and safety.” 24:24

“7’s although I applaud that solutions are definitely important, at the same time, you have to understand the problems in order to move forward.” 26:33

“If you’re an 8 and have done work, please step up, because if anybody can handle the backlash it’s an 8.” 29:12

“9’s, one of your superpowers is making people feel inclusive, and now more than ever we need unity and solidarity, and avoiding conflict is not gonna create peace.” 29:48

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