How to lean into your gifts and feelings to navigate through these uncertain times

This week’s EnneaTalk Tuesday topic was inspired by a conversation I had with my son. As a 2, he is very empathetic naturally, and with everything that is going on in the world right now he is struggling with the heaviness in his heart and was asking what he should do about it. This episode is all about growing self-awareness and listening to your intuition, how your Enneagram type can help you identify your gifts, and how to use them during this uncertain time.

Listen to this episode to hear how different enneagram types might be coping, how to use the enneagram to build self-awareness, and how it can guide your instincts to know exactly how you need and should be showing up.

Showing up in the best way for you

There was a time when I believed that in order to be empathetic and understanding of what people were going through, I had to be in misery. As I have gone through my own journey of self-awareness and growth, I have learned that in order for me to show up in the best way I can, to be productive in the words I am called to say, it’s ok to feel everything around me but still be ok—that being ok doesn’t mean being insensitive.  

I talk about my techniques for moving the heaviness out of my body, the conversation my son and I had, and how the Enneagram can be used to help heal and discover your strengths.

Leaning into your gifts to help change the world

If you are wondering how you can bring change into the world right now, I go through each Enneagram type, what each one’s gifts are, and how they can be used. I discuss how the Enneagram can help you be more in tune with how you are feeling, how to lean into these feelings to help navigate these uncertain times. Even through pain and heartbreak, there is always something beautiful and bright waiting on the other side.  


“Anger is a healthy emotion, how we channel it is where it can kind of go sideways.” 6:48

“1’s, your attention to detail and hard-working work ethic is so needed right now if you’re in a good spot.” 12:52

“If you are a healthy 2 with healthy boundaries, bringing people together with love and compassion around such controversial issues, this is where you shine.” 14:59

“3’s, your capacity to problem solve and get things done helps others to figure out the way forward and how to make positive change in the world.” 17:09

“4’s, your idealistic perspective is so needed to help us see what’s possible.” 18:33

“If you’re a 5, your wisdom, knowledge, and competence can be directed to make a positive change right now.”  22:10

“6’s, your loyalty and commitment inspire us all to take bold steps in any time of uncertainty.” 24:16

“7’s, your optimism in the most difficult situations is a gift to us, especially for those out there who might be losing hope.” 26:02

“Where 8’s shine right now when you are healthy, you’re the strongest leaders on the Enneagram.” 28:33

“9’s other super power is their ability to see multiple perspectives and find nonviolent solutions to really complex problems.” 32:10

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