Detaching from expectations and ego to find alignment, intuition, and happiness

This week’s guest is someone who sets my soul on fire, spreading her spirit all over the globe and making an impact everywhere she goes. Taylor Simpson is one of the best motivational speakers I have ever seen, and she teaches women around the world how to tap into the Frequency of Abundance.

Listen to this episode to hear what the art of detachment is, what it takes to pivot from your current life and find your purpose, and what it takes to turn inside and live a life of alignment.

Conforming to expectations of society

We start this episode discussing how Taylor was bullied as a kid for being unique, emotional, eccentric and “having too much personality.” She discusses her gift of tapping into people’s energies, of being able to hear what she is called to do as she is doing it, and how she assumed this was normal for everyone else. She shares the   traumatic events that tore her family apart, the impact of being bullied, how this made her stifle her gifts, and pursue a different life path as a result.

Overcoming ego and living a life aligned with her soul

Taylor talks about the moment she knew she was being called to overhaul her life, how she knew in one moment that she was ready to walk away from a gaslighting husband, and eventually built a business that enabled her to leave her old dream job. She talks about the importance of evolving in growth, of acknowledging who you were, what you needed in the past, and allowing change to pivot and address new needs.

She walks through the art of detachment, how to quit the ego, and the three F’s that help you do this. Today, her mission is to successfully help people rewire themselves and find happiness. She says if there is a vision in you, it is for you: so, do the work, overcome your ego, don’t hold back, and do what you love.

Taylor Simpson

Taylor Simpson is a Motivational Speaker, Podcast Host and Online Coach.  Through her Methodology of infusing Science, Spirituality and Mysticism, she teaches women around the world how to tap into the Frequency of Abundance.  It is her mission to help these women rewire the thoughts that do not serve them, move through the blocks that keep them from living a life full of freedom and joy, so they can step fearlessly into their Higher Self, unapologetically!  


“When bad things happen to us as a child, most of the time we didn’t have a choice in that happening to us; however, once we’re adults we get to choose how we use that either to destroy us or empower us to do great things in the world.” 13:30

“So it’s really asking yourself like straight up, ‘do I want to live like this for rest of my life?’ And if you say no it is literally at that moment you have to take responsibility to do the hard shit. -Taylor 16:18

“If you’re a parent out there, you are obligated, more so than if you’re f*cking single, to actually do this work.” 18:37

“Know why you need to make a change, let go of the attachment to how it happens.” 18:46

“No matter how long you’ve been doing this and how evolved you are and how aligned you think you are with something, you’re always gonna grow and change your mind and that’s okay.” -Taylor 25:53

“You’re gonna have to let go of the safe option for your soulmate to come in if it’s love, same thing with money, you have to circulate that sh*t and let go of it to allow it to flow back in.”  28:42

“It’s the fear that’s literally killing people.” -Taylor 30:11

“The 3 F’s that will keep you back from going all in whether emotionally or in your business or anything is fear of failure, fear fear of judgement, and fear of success.” -Taylor 36:17

“Fail fast, fail hard, pick up, move forward.” -Taylor 37:26

“No one cares about you as much as you think they do.” -Taylor 38:20
“If the vision is in you, it’s for you.” -Taylor 39:18

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