The Enneagram Type Two: The Helper

It’s EnneaTalk Tuesday and this week is the second episode of the Enneagram Types series. Today’s episode is all about Type Two and how to lead, learn, laugh, and love this type—especially if you are a two. I dive into the characteristics of the two, what motivates them, their core desires, hopes, healthy attributes, and how to recognize when they are under stress.

If you are in a partnership with a two, have a friend who is this type, or lead a two, listen to this episode to understand how to speak their language, guide them towards patterns of growth, support them, acknowledge them, and help them feel seen, heard, and understood.

The best qualities of the helper

The two falls in the heart triad and is considered the most feeling type out of the entire enneagram. They are caring, generous, interpersonal, genuine, and are generally the empaths of the group, striving to help those around them as much as possible. I discuss their core motivations of wanting to be loved and the methods they undertake in order to feel accepted.

I reveal the beautiful strengths that make twos so compassionate, how they focus their energy into being significant and needed, and how in order to be healthy and grow, they need to learn how to set boundaries and put aside time for themselves. I discuss how to recognize when they go into stress, how they can suppress feelings, become resentful, and even miss out on authentic connections by focusing too much on making connections.

Speaking a two’s language

I discuss how to effectively lead a two, speak their language, and help them grow into the best version of themselves. As I am raising a two, I share how to support a two if you love one, how the world can learn from them, how we can benefit from their gifts—and truly show that we love them for being themselves.


“2’s are probably the most feeling type on all the Enneagram.” :31

“2’s when they’re under stress, they take on the average to unhealthy 8.” 3:15

“The Enneagram 2, they feel everything. They can feel what other people are feeling so they’re the empath of the group.” 4:23

“The 2 definitely believes, without question, that they must give fully to others in order to be loved.” 4:40

“Being in the heart triad, for the 2’s, 3’s, and 4,’s the underlying emotion is shame.” 7:49

“Under stress, a 2 can really look like an 8.” 13:27

“The world needs the 2’s because they excel at making connections and empathizing with the needs and feelings of others.” 15:14

“How 2’s get into conflict: the people pleasing, flattering, they can become clingy, worried, possessive, insincere when they’re in the unhealthy range, they can become seductive, self-important and self-deceptive.” 22:13

“When a 2 is going healthy, they take on the beautiful traits of a 4 The Individualist.” 25:18

“The basic need of The Helper is to be loved.” 27:10

“When you’re reassuring that 2 that they’re just lovable because they are them and because they’re amazing not because of what they do for you, when you do this in a loving way, you’re gonna notice shifts because you become this safe place for them to express what they need.” 29:53

“If you are an Enneagram 2, having boundaries will change your life.” 32:21

“Making the adjustments and learning to speak the language of the people that you lead and love is really, really, really important.” 33:46

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