Intuition and personal development—where to start?

This week’s episode is about intuition—about following your instinct and trusting your gut to lead you in the right direction. If you have been listening to this podcast for some time now, you may have noticed that I have recently made some changes and have been listening and leading with my intuition about what needs to be shared, listening to your feedback and incorporating what you want and need—and this episode is no different.

Listen to this episode if you are willing to take the time to do the work, are interested in starting it, have invested time in personal development but still find yourself behind walls. Listen to this episode to hear how to feel the contrast of emotions, the full spectrum, and how to surrender to the process.

Practicing personal development

A lot of you have been reaching out to me and asking how you can start the journey of personal development—asking for different ways to feel all the things and start working through traumas and pain.

I begin by discussing the importance of differentiating between understanding what is happening and actually feeling the contrast of each emotion—that it wasn’t until I truly shifted and felt things that the needle began to move, and growth started to take place.

I discuss the four areas of our lives that need practice and awareness, how growth is like flexing and using a muscle, and how understanding and training yourself is only half the battle—working and developing the muscle takes commitment and practice.

Using the Enneagram to build understanding

I share how digging in and understanding yourself allows you to have awareness and build compassion and understanding of those around you, and how the Enneagram can help start this. I share the two things I do every single morning in order to feel what the day has in store for me, and how you can begin your own journey of healing, learning, development, and understanding—a process that never ends, but always leads you in growth.


“The problem is so much of the personal development work that you’re doing is, you understand it, but your heart doesn’t really believe it.” 11:10

“Until you actually are in it ,using those muscles, it’s not going to happen.” 14:47

“The vulnerability hangover is a real thing.” 19:19

“When I think about being vulnerable as an Enneagram 8… you might as well just shoot me in the face.” 21:42

“Having this awareness of it allows me to not sabotage something really great.” 22:23

“In order to have the contrast and the juicy part of life, we have to be willing to feel the full range of all the feelings and emotions.” 23:07

“God please allow whatever memories, feelings, thoughts and emotions to come up that I need to address or heal or navigate or deal with that will allow me to step into the greatest good and the calling that you have on my life.” 24:49

“Whatever should come up, you don’t have to be afraid of, it means that you are capable and equipped and ready to deal with it.” 25:42

“God I ask for your guidance and direction. Divinely lead me to move my body and the energy that is trapped in my body out…” 26:45

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