The Enneagram Type Nine: The Peacemaker

It’s time for our last and final episode in the Learning, Leading, Loving, and Laughing series. This week’s episode is all about the Enneagram type nine, otherwise known as the Peacemakers. I dive into their core motivations, what makes them the kings and queens of the Enneagram, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they are uniquely different from every other type.

Listen to this episode if you love, lead, or are a nine, and hear how to help bring out the best in them, recognize their own skills and opinions, and communicate with them to make them feel seen, heard, and understood.

Holding back a piece of yourself

I start off describing what makes The Peacemakers special, how they can see all viewpoints of the other types but how this sometimes blocks them from seeing their own views and making their own opinions. I discuss how the nines are incredibly kind, loyal, inclusive, empathetic, and caring, and how they fall under the body triad, meaning their underlying emotion is anger.

I talk about how the nines are known for sleeping on their own thoughts and ideas, and how they try so earnestly to keep the peace that they keep their own thoughts to themselves in order to not disrupt it. If you love or lead a nine, I discuss the importance of helping them focus on themselves and making nines feel appreciated and seen.

Focusing on the transformation

If you are a nine, I discuss different ways you can practice leaning into your strengths, how to focus on yourself and your thoughts and opinions. I share my own experiences working with nines, and how to help them feel appreciated, speak their language, become the healthy version of themselves, and pull them out of their unhealthy habits to truly embrace who they really are.



At their best, when they are strong and healthy and embody their gifts, they are like Yoda— they’re the wise one.


Unhealthy 9’s have trouble making decisions, they become overly dependent.


Anger is a very healthy, productive emotion when channeled and leveraged for good.


They say 9s can embody the idealism of 1s, the kindness of 2s, the attractiveness of 3s, the creativity of 4s, the intellectual horsepower of 5s, the loyalties of the 6s, the optimism of the 7s and the adventurousness of the 7s and the strength of the 8s.


Because sometimes they can lack drive and focus the average 9s, often become jack of all trades but masters of none.


9s can and do make decisions, but because of their ambivalent nature it can take them a long time.


The stubbornness is their go-to passive aggressive behavior, especially when they feel like they’re being pressured into agreeing to a plan or doing something they don’t want to do.


They just kind of know who in the room most needs the peace and reassurance that everything will be okay.


The 9 can solve problems and put together deals where everybody wins.


Spiritually, the absence of conflict is not necessarily the presence of peace.

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