You bonked.

When you’re going, going, going and all of a sudden you have no more energy, can’t take another step and are lying on the ground…you bonked.

You didn’t eat enough, drink enough, or pace yourself. You bonked…and it hit you like a brick wall.

But here’s the thing: You have to bonk to figure out what your bonking signs are in order to offset the bonk next time.

How this relates to suffering

If you’ve never suffered, the first time you do you have no perspective on it—and it’s brutal. However, sadly, the more suffering you go through, the more comfortable you get in this state of mind knowing you WILL come out of it.

It’s important to point out that there’s a fine line between the sabotaging related to suffering (as in you’re intentionally suffering because it’s the only way you’ve found to move forward) and the embracing of suffering when it happens. The former is toxic, the latter is a pathway to healing.

Don’t get too comfortable

While a level of comfort is necessary when it comes to suffering, you never want to get too comfortable in this state. Getting comfortable in a world of suffering is dangerous. What’s more, no one wants to be around someone who’s suffering all the time—that person’s energy is difficult and can suck all of the other energy right out of the room.

The other side of suffering

After battling the suffering associated with alcoholism, Nicole went on to become a triathlete, get sober, found Skirt Sports, and today is a wife, mother, founder & CEO, leading the non-profit Running Start and hosting the Run This World with Nicole DeBoom Podcast. Hear more about her incredible journey in this episode.



It’s how we handle the curve balls, and square up on those curve balls and knock them out of the park that really makes all the difference.

7:43 (Nicole)

I like knowing that on the other side of suffering can be something better than you ever imagined.


There’s a fine line between the sabotaging related to suffering and the embracing of the suffering.

12:57 (Nicole)

For me, the blackout part of drinking happened fairly early in my life and continued all the way through until I finally stopped drinking in my 30’s.

25:20 (Nicole)

I had to go through kind of, really sort of a physical body rock bottom, and after that I respected my body more.

36:10 (Nicole)

Our whole life really revolved around Tim’s success and making sure he was set up for success and I was sort of along for the ride.

42:00 (Nicole)

[I took 2020] one mile at a time. Just like one day at a time. 

42:22 (Nicole)

Everything has a life cycle. We, as humans, have a life cycle. Businesses have a life cycle.

55:11 (Nicole)

We don’t walk this world alone. When we walk the world alone, we suffer more.

1:04:13 (Nicole)

Sometimes it’s okay to just float in the water, not try to go forward…sometimes you have to turn into it instead of trying to ride a wave out of it.  

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