Everything that could’ve been thrown on the fire has been thrown on the fire.

We’ve been thrust into this plot twist by COVID, a complicated political environment, and basically everything in our day-to-day lives changing. 

This has disrupted a lot of our routines, including those pertaining to our health, business, and relationships.

And when things are out of control, we need to be more mindful.

How to be more productive based on your enneagram type

I love sharing all the enneagram types in these episodes because while it’s important to know yourself, it’s also important to know the people you love, lead, and parent.

If you’re helping people grow—whether you’re raising them, leading them or loving them—you should know how to best motivate them to be more productive.

How core desires relate to productivity

Core desires have a lot to do with how we can all be more productive. If you can speak to someone’s core desire or core motive, you get a lot more out of them, their chances of being more productive are better, and they’ll actually be able to do more. This applies to you as well.

Why productivity?

Being productive is an important life skill to master. Especially when we’re trying to balance work life and home life—and now doing it remotely from our homes—productivity is more important than ever. The sweet spot isn’t being busy, it’s being more efficient, effective, and productive. That way, you’re able to actually enjoy the present moment!



Everything that could be thrown on the fire has been thrown onto the fire and that disrupts a lot of routines.


If you are leading, loving, parenting yourself or somebody else, knowing their core desire has a lot to do with how they can be productive. 


For a 1, aim for 90% and know that the other 10% is going to be okay.


For type 2’s to be more productive, limit your people time.


For a 3, build a thoroughness of process into your task completion.


4’s, here is a huge productivity tip for you is to actually make a commitment.


For type 5’s, seek out new possibilities.


For type 6, it’s really important to have your core people.


For 7’s, creating a limited time and space for new ideas will be important so you can stay on task.


If you’re a type 8, especially if you’re an entrepreneur, build some time into your schedule where you feel like you have some freedom and you’re not being controlled by it.


9’s, really finding your voice and knowing that your voice matters and your opinion matters and start exercising that muscle a little bit will help build your confidence.

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