No one was immune to this

In light of current circumstances, many of us have been presented with the fact that we’ve put all of our eggs in one basket. Maybe you thought you were doing your own thing but have really been a prisoner to a company. Or you were going down a path you thought was for you but you’ve come to realize it isn’t working out.

The gift we’ve been given

A season of silence or everything suddenly coming to a halt can be a huge gift. These times allow for our perspectives and what’s really important to us to change.

Whether you decide to jump into network marketing, leave your corporate job, start your own business or be a stay-at-home parent—that perspective change, albeit uncomfortable, can be the greatest gift. 

Are you ready to take the leap?

My friend Julie Ciardi did just this. Julie walked away from her Fortune 500 marketing VP job to become a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She believes that there has never been a better time for women to create an additional income stream that is aligned to her passions and purpose than RIGHT NOW. She also believes that it’s the wild wild west out there for these women; they’re wasting so much time and money and not making money, causing friction with their spouse, affecting their confidence, and robbing them of their dreams.

The time to bet on yourself is NOW

To solve this problem, Julie founded IGNITE University. Leveraging proven and timeless business strategies in today’s online world, Julie helps women create profitable side hustles that give them joy, purpose and profit.


5:07 Julie

That was the universe. That was someone coming in and putting a seed in my head that there was something else.

6:18 Julie

I kept burying this voice inside of me saying ‘there’s a higher purpose here, you’re supposed to be doing something else.’

15:01 Julie

You talk about becoming bulletproof—the work I had to do to stay so clear on my mission ahead despite all the noise and fighting, and the almost feeling like your spouse was disappointed in you.

16:38 Julie

I actually had a $10,000 launch and I was so flipping proud of myself.

18:10 Julie

One of the most incredible parts of this journey post-corporate is knowing I’ll always be ok, I will always find a way. 

18:23 Julie 

Developing belief in myself is as big of a win as developing the business that I’ve been able to build over the last two years 

22:33 Julie

I really take the time to very clearly write out what I’m working towards.

24:57 Tracy

If 2020 has taught you nothing else, life can change on a dime.

26:36 Tracy

When we help enough people get what they want through whatever your zone of genius is, you will have ridiculous amounts of what you need.

29:33 Tracy 

Good is enemy of great, y’all. When you do actually have a safety net, you have to really mindf*ck yourself into believing you don’t.

33:11 Tracy

Unless it is your name on the wall, you are at the mercy of someone else, and the end of the day in 2020, who are you gonna put your money on?

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