The Enneagram 9 has a knack for making people feel safe. Known as the Adaptive Peacemaker, 9s are easygoing and inclusive. 

But in an effort to be accommodating and avoid conflict, 9s often struggle with speaking their mind.

So, how can the Enneagram 9 tap into their gifts without denying their own voice? 

Toni Marinucci is the Registered Dietician behind Tips with Toni, a nutrition program dedicated to helping people heal their relationship with food, gain self-confidence and find balance in their eating habits. 

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, Toni and I work through a live typing session, exploring her strengths as an Adaptive Peacemaker and how her childhood role as ‘the quiet sister’ informs the way she shows up as an Enneagram 9.

We discuss how Toni leverages her growth number 3 to set and achieve goals, and I explain how she can lean on her 8 and 1 wings to take decisive action and take a stand for what she believes in.

Listen in to understand why 9s struggle to make their own needs, desires and feelings known and learn what the Adaptive Peacemaker can do to navigate conflict in a way that honors their empathetic heart and empowers the people they love and lead.

What You Will Learn 

Why Toni attracts people who struggle with mental health

How Toni’s dysfunction around food began at the age of 9

Toni’s strengths as an Enneagram 9 (the Adaptive Peacemaker)

How Toni’s growth number informs her ability to set and reach goals

Why 9s are notorious for procrastinating when they’re under stress

How Toni can use her 8 and 1 wings to take action and take a stand

What a 9 can do to navigate conflict rather than avoid it

Why 9s struggle with making their own needs and feelings known

How Toni toggles between the self-preservation and 1:1 instinct

The theme of Toni’s forthcoming book Once Upon a Diet

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