High achievement is a badge of honor.

But being a high achiever doesn’t make us immune to things like depression, relationship tensions, parenting issues, stress or financial problems. It doesn’t mean we’ve got it all figured out.

In fact, there are six common stumbling blocks unique to high achievers. What are they? And what can we do to work through them?

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I walk you through the six issues unique to high achievers, describing how to avoid burnout and overcome imposter syndrome.

I discuss the danger in being driven by pain and explain why high achievers often feel lonely, challenging you to build an inner circle that supports you unconditionally.

Listen in for insight into which of the six issues each Enneagram type is most prone to and learn how a master performance coach can help you bust through the common problems faced by high achievers.

What You Will Learn 

The 6 most common issues unique to high achievers

How to leverage intuition to avoid burnout or health crises 

What it looks like to overcome imposter syndrome

The danger in being driven to achieve by hurt and pain

How to bust through the fear of losing everything by focusing on your self-worth

Why high achievers feel lonely (and what to do about it)

How to ease the guilt high achievers feel around success by recognizing our potential impact

Why it’s crucial to have an inner circle that supports you unconditionally

Which of the 6 issues each Enneagram type is prone to

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