As parents, we can leverage an understanding of the Enneagram to improve the way we love and lead our children. 

But Enneagram coaching can also help our kids develop self-awareness and grow into the best version of themselves.

Kristina is a client of mine who was gifted Enneagram coaching as a graduation present. And she is using the training to support her transition to college at Duke University.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, we discuss Kristina’s attributes as an Enneagram 3, the Competitive Achiever, and she explains how understanding her type has improved her relationships with her mom, dad and stepdad.

Kristina describes how she is using the Enneagram to adjust to being on her own for the first time, leaning into her 2 wing to appreciate the value of collaboration and using her 4 wing to explore what she’s truly passionate about.

Listen in for Kristina’s insight on how her 3-ness is received by other types and learn how delving into the Enneagram with your kids can change your family dynamic for the better!

What You Will Learn 

How Kristina’s mom gifted her Enneagram coaching to make the transition to college easier

The importance of being typed properly in moving toward your growth number

What Kristina realized about how her 3-ness is received by her Enneagram 9 stepdad

How integrating the Enneagram freed Kristina to build authentic relationships with her dad and stepdad

How Kristina received her mom’s need for certainty before she started Enneagram coaching

How Kristina is using her wings to adjust to being on her own for the first time

What Kristina is learning about the value of collaboration from leaning into her 2 wing

Kristina’s blind spot around achieving for recognition vs. what’s truly fulfilling (and what she’s doing about it)

What it looks like when an Enneagram 3 is struggling and why it’s so hard to spot

How integrating the Enneagram is helping Kristina show up the best she can for other people

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