As Jim Rohn says, ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ And few of us would argue with the benefit of having a bulletproof inner circle we can count on to have our back.

But those of us who are high achievers often get fixated on reaching the next goal and lose those strong, intimate connections along the way.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I explain why a bulletproof inner circle is so important, describing how I realized that true connection was the missing piece in my life.

I get real about the challenge of putting your heart on the line, challenging you to nurture an inner circle made up of several different Enneagram types who see you and accept you fully.

Listen in for advice on starting with one bestie and then building out a small but diverse inner circle—and learn how the Enneagram can help YOU find your people and forge strong bonds with them.

What You Will Learn 

How true connection requires a level of vulnerability that’s challenging for many of us

What made me realize a bulletproof inner circle was the missing piece in my life

The problem with building an inner circle based on time invested in the relationships

Why it’s a good idea to have an inner circle made up of several different Enneagram types

What it looks like to put your heart on the line with your inner circle and why it’s so hard

Why both parties are responsible for any breakdown in communication

Why I recommend starting with one bestie and then expanding to a small but diverse inner circle

The danger in putting all the responsibility for supporting you on one person 

How nurturing a bulletproof inner circle has brought abundance in all areas of my life

How integrating your Enneagram type can help you build an inner circle of your own 

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