We all want to be like the Enneagram 3, otherwise known as the Competitive Achiever. 

3s raise the bar on setting and hitting goals. But all of that winning sometimes means sacrificing their health and relationships.

The truth is, 3s put a LOT of pressure on themselves. And although the rest of us would never know it, Enneagram 3s often live in torture and feel very much alone.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I introduce you to the anatomy of the Enneagram 3, describing how 3s are driven by significance built on what they achieve or how they appear to the world.

I discuss the 3’s blind spot around making other people feel dismissed, explaining how they can leverage their 2 and 4 wings to slow down, tap into their emotions and stretch into their growth number 6 (the Loyalist).

Listen in to understand why 3s don’t let us see it when they’ve shifted into their unhealthy stress number 9 and learn how to help the Achievers in your life realize that their worth is based on who they are, not what they do.

What You Will Learn 

How Enneagram 3s are driven by significance built on achievement and appearance

How others experience Enneagram 3s at their best vs. in an unhealthy place

The danger in the Enneagram 3 basing their self-worth on what they do rather than who they are

The Enneagram 3’s gift for delegating responsibility and adapting to their circumstances

The Enneagram 3’s tendency to make other people feel dismissed (and what to do about it)

How 3s can leverage their 4 wing to decide if the goal they’re pursuing is something they really want

How slowing down and tapping into their emotions helps 3s stretch into their growth number 6

Why 3s don’t let us see when they’ve shifted into their unhealthy stress number 9

Why the self-preservation or ‘lone wolf’ Achiever doesn’t look like a typical 3

What differentiates the competitiveness of the one-to-one 3 from the social subtype

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