In our hustle culture, Enneagram 3s are put on a pedestal. And they have the kind of external life most of us envy. 

But while the Competitive Achiever looks good from the outside, they can be miserable on the inside. 

Christina Lecuyer is the Confidence and Mindset Coach behind Decide It’s Your Turn, a platform committed to empowering people to live fully in their purpose. 

12 years ago, Christina had what looked like an amazing life. She was a professional golfer with multiple television contracts. 

And yet, she was incredibly unhappy. Christina hated herself and her life, and her insatiable drive to succeed left her chasing ‘attagirls’ and feeling unfulfilled. 

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, Christina joins me to share her experience of hitting rock bottom and describe how she realized she had more to offer the world than just playing golf.

Christina walks us through the questions she asks herself to avoid taking over other people’s jobs as she moves toward her growth number 6.

Listen in to understand how Christina learned the value in vulnerability and find out how 3s can make sure their drive to achieve is coming from the right place.

What You Will Learn 

How Christina’s life looked good on the outside even as she was hitting rock bottom

How getting external validation inspired Christina to chase ‘attagirls’

What Christina did to seek significance while she was growing up

The role Christina’s faith played in helping her realize she had more to give than just playing golf

What differentiates Christina’s internal confidence now from the hollow, external confidence she used to intimidate people in the past

How Christina leans on her 2 and 4 wings to build relationships and say no to what’s not serving her

The questions Christina asks herself to avoid taking over and move into her growth number 6

How Christina hid her vulnerability from the world when she was in her stress number 9 (and why she’s willing to be vulnerable now) 

Why 3s need to be mindful of who they’re trying to prove themselves to

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