When I asked Des Dickerson what wasn’t working in her life, she described it as chaotic. And because her life is messy and disorganized, she can’t operate at her best.

So, how can Des leverage an understanding of her Enneagram type to move out of the chaos and into a space of clarity?

For the last four years, Des served as the Cofounder and Expert Publicist behind Creative Label, an advertising agency out of Scottsdale, Arizona. But in the last few months, she has pivoted from the world of marketing and PR to create her own product line.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, Des and I work through a live Enneagram typing session, exploring how she runs toward chaos in an effort to control her environment and why she stays in situations that aren’t working—until God forces her out.

I explain how being a one-to-one Enneagram 6 influences the way Des shows up, challenging her to articulate the reason why she asks questions and step into her power as a master troubleshooter.

Listen in for insight on how the Skeptic Loyalist can avoid getting stuck in the what ifs and learn to see the beauty in uncertainty as they stretch toward their growth number 9.

What You Will Learn 

Why Des stays in situations that aren’t working until God forces her out

How Des creates chaos in an effort to control her environment

How it benefits Des to articulate the reason why she’s asking questions

How Des digs her head into the sand when she’s under extreme stress

How being a one-to-one 6 influences the way Des asks questions

How being motivated by a need for certainty makes Des a master troubleshooter

How Des can avoid getting stuck in what ifs by leaning into her 5 and 7 wings

What it looks like for a 6 to stretch into their growth number 9

What makes Enneagram 6s the best collaborators

How a 6 can work to reframe uncertainty and see the beauty in it

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