Enneagram 9s are driven by a need to be settled and in harmony with the world. And this makes them afraid of conflict.

But in avoiding even healthy conflict, 9s often fail to make their own opinions known. They give up long-term growth for a kind of temporary peace.

So, how can a 9 use the anatomy of their Enneagram to make their Yoda wisdom known? What does it look like when an Adaptive Peacemaker uses their divine heart to make an impact in the world? 

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I discuss the Enneagram 9’s gift for understanding multiple perspectives and accepting people for who they are, describing how they make others feel seen, heard and understood.

I explore how a 9 can leverage their wings to make decisions and take action, moving through the discomfort of causing conflict to share their own needs, desires and feelings with others.

Listen in for insight around the leadership potential of the social subtype 9 and learn how the Adaptive Peacemaker can leverage their wisdom and heart to make the world a better place for the long term.

What You Will Learn 

How the Enneagram 9’s need for harmony makes them accepting and accommodating

Why a 9’s greatest fear is conflict (and how that holds them back from long-term growth)

The 9’s gift for understanding multiple perspectives and finding commonalities across differences

How 9s accept people for who they are and see their full potential

How a 9 can use their 1 wing to make decisions and their 8 wing to take action

The beauty of a 9 who steps fully into their growth number 3

What it looks like when a 9 under extreme stress shifts into their unhealthy 6

Why social 9s make strong leaders—and why they’re typically mistyped as 3s or 8s

How 9s set themselves up to be overlooked and then feel resentment around being ignored

How to help the 9s you love and lead make their needs, opinions and desires known

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