Social subtype Enneagram 2s like Kristen Crowley are often mistyped as 3s.

Yes, she is ambitious and influential. But Kristen’s worth is not at all tied to what she does. Her heart and motive is all about people.

So, what does it look like when a social 2 makes big moves in the world? How does their deep care for others show up as they take on leadership roles?

Kristen is the Cofounder of reFRAME Your Biz, a platform designed to help fitness pros and other solopreneurs build a brand image that stands out.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, Kristen shares her gift for reading people’s energy and commitment to being there for others—no matter the circumstances.

I describe Kristen’s need to connect with people and make the world a more loving place, explaining why she shows up as a Protective Challenger under stress and how she leverages her wings to achieve big goals.

Listen in to understand how stretching into her growth number 4 is helping Kristen set healthy boundaries and find out how being a Considerate Helper is a great fit for her brand image business.

What You Will Learn 

How Kristen’s wide range of experiences led to a business in brand imaging, media and PR

Kristen’s childhood growing up with a strong mom and supportive dad

The benefit of Kristen’s gift for reading people’s energy

Why lying and disrespect are deal breakers for Kristen in a relationship

How Kristen makes the conscious decision to unleash her anger when someone else is at risk

How social subtypes like Kristen look different from typical 2s

The Enneagram 2’s motivational need to connect with others and make the world a more loving place

How Kristen uses her wings to reach big goals and avoid enabling people

What it looks like when Kristen shifts into her stress number 8 (the Protective Challenger)

How stretching into her growth number 4 helps Kristen say no

Why Kristen’s current business is perfect for her as a social Enneagram 2

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