Getting together with immediate and extended family for the holidays often comes with a certain amount of drama. And even for those of us with healthy boundaries, the season can be triggering.

But you can leverage the framework of the Enneagram to show up with integrity. To be a strong and elegant leader in your family—even in the midst of chaos.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I describe the challenges that come with being a leader in your family and explain how knowing what motivates your partner, parents and children can help you lead more effectively.

I weigh in on what it looks like to lead by example and live in integrity (no matter how your relatives might react) and discuss the questions to ask before you offer feedback to a family member.

Listen in for insight on overcoming unhealthy family conditioning and learn how to make those around you better by honoring yourself this holiday season.

What You Will Learn 

The challenges that come with being a leader in your family

How the holidays can be a triggering season of drama, chaos or grief

The benefit of understanding the Enneagram types of your family

The 3 centers of intelligence in the Enneagram framework

How to avoid triggering your inner circle by understanding their motives and fears

What questions to ask before you try to help a family member

What it looks like to live in integrity (and how your family might react)

Why it’s so difficult to outrun our conditioning and beliefs

How to recognize codependence and break the pattern in your family

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