When you’re dealing with people of different Enneagram types who don’t think the way you do, it’s easy to go full-on Judge Judy and decide you’ll never understand how they operate. 

But what if learning about the gifts of each Enneagram type could help you appreciate their strengths and be THANKFUL for what we all bring to the table? 

What if knowing your type could help you cultivate gratitude for what you do well and maybe even have more compassion for yourself this holiday season?

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I explain why I’m grateful for the Enneagram 1’s integrity, the 2’s warm heart and the 3’s work ethic.

I describe what I admire about the 4’s ability to hold space emotionally, the 5’s inventiveness and objectivity and the 6’s gift for making collaboration fun.

Listen in and learn to appreciate the Enneagram 7’s enthusiasm, the 8’s decisiveness and the 9’s capacity to make everyone feel included.

What You Will Learn 

How 1s operate at the highest of integrity and raise the standards for all of us

Why I appreciate the 2’s warm heart and commitment to relationships

What I admire about the Enneagram 3’s ambition, resourcefulness and work ethic

How 4s hold space emotionally better than anyone else on the Enneagram

The 5’s gift for becoming an expert at anything that excites them

How Enneagram 6s work well with others and make collaboration fun

Why I’m grateful for the Enneagram 7’s innocence, enthusiasm and optimism

The 8’s willingness to stand up for those who can’t protect themselves

How Enneagram 9s see the bigger picture and make everyone feel included

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